Have you been trashed by the Dayton Daily news?

I’ve been trashed in the paper. I’ve been disrespected by their “journalists” and going back, by their “editorial board” when they used to have one. But, the worst trashing I get from them is the garbage they indiscriminately throw in my yard, on my sidewalk, in the gutter of the street- of their “advertising circulars.”

Considering I pay them to read their dreck in the environmentally friendly but hopelessly useless digital edition on my iPad, you would think when I call nicely and ask them not to toss their trash in my yard, of ads- I already skip when reading their rag (hint to advertisers, there are very few reasons to advertise in newsprint anymore- if you need help with advertising- try my agency).

There is a very long thread on NextDoor.com (membership required to view link) with people discussing ways to stop the littering, including legal action.

So this Christmas, George (my dog) and I decided to take an Ikea bag and fill it with their trash and share the season with the folks at Cox- in their HQ on S. Main Street.

Watch and enjoy- and share as much as possible.


9:30 pm Apparently some entire neighborhoods have been able to opt out. Just have your neighborhood association send a letter to [email protected] (update 22 Feb 2019 [email protected]) The letter has to be on the neighborhood assn letterhead. She needs a list of all the streets in your neighborhood and voila. This is how Twin Towers opted out- after they took over 100lbs of trash and dumped it in the DDN Lobby!

Vandalia banned “unsolicited advertising” being distributed by restricting where it could be placed.
Here’s their video- TOTH to Rich Hopkins
And here’s our new years video to them-

Here’s a copy of their letter.thumbnail of DDN Letter from Twin Towers
And here is the Vandalia ordinance banning unsolicited advertising.

thumbnail of Vandalia ordinance against litter 08-20-2018

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