Daytonian Greg Hunter to take on Liz Cheney for Wyoming House

For those of you who remember the old days of this blog, there was a time when I tried a daily vlog. Back in 2010, when video blogging wasn’t quite the thing it is today. It was a point, counterpoint, with me being the left and my friend and neighbor Greg Hunter would be the right.

Greg moved off to Laramie Wyoming about half a dozen years ago, found a nice girl, and settled down.

Apparently, she changed him. Because last night, Greg won the democratic nomination for the Wyoming House. Yes, THE NOMINATION, because Wyoming, while beautiful, has a puny population and it’s one of the states that has 2 Senators and only 1 House seat.

His opponent in November? Liz Cheney, the non-gay daughter of former VP Dick Cheney who currently occupies the seat.

Now, if you think my chances of winning an election are slim, Hunter for Wyoming may be even slimmer in Wyoming where Democrats are about as rare as actual intelligent leadership in Dayton Ohio.

Hunter for Wyoming logo

He won a primary where only 17,603 D’s turned out, and 103,329 R’s turned out. Greg won with 7,942 over his opponent, Travis Helm who garnered 4,961 votes despite being the early entrant to the race.

Of course, the dirty little secret that Greg used to be an avid R- might have actually helped him.

Flash back to the most popular episode of the “Dayton Grassroots Daily Show, v93 Open Carry” from 2010 and you hear Greg say to me: “Because Liberals are stupid, D is for dummy, don’t you have a D on your head, I have an R”

Wyoming is a very Red state, the two Republican challengers each got more votes than Hunter did in the Republican Primary but, still didn’t come anywhere near close to Cheney. However, if anyone thinks anything is predictable in November, they are wrong, and we may be saying hello to Hunter in Congress and Theresa Gasper in the Ohio 10. Why? Because in the last election we saw a lot of voters say no to career politicians, and that anyone could be put in office. President Trump winning was as much as vote the bastards out as it was “Make America Great Again.” And for those smart Wyomingites who care about guns, god and legalizing pot so all their money stops flowing to neighboring states, Greg Hunter may be just OK with them, afterall, it’s only one seat… and it’s not going to be in the Oval Office.

Congratulations Greg!

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Greg Hunter
Greg Hunter

My preparation for Wyoming was forged in the crucible of Dayton, Ohio. My experiences with politics, racism and religion have allowed me to grow into a candidate well-equipped to serve Wyoming and the interests of the USA. I knew that if I won this race, my life would be an open book. I find it interesting that my ridiculous parroting of right-wing talking points (harkening the hyperbole and hateful speech of conservative talk-show hosts) ended up being the most watched video of our wonderful but underwhelming VLOG experience. I loathed, even then, the gerrymandered districts consisting of people that either despised diversity or were never exposed to it. I apologize to those who may see this old vlog and believe that these hateful words were from the heart. Generational trauma is real. As I re-watched this, it is clear that people who do not know the whole of me may not get that I was characterizing right-wing arguments. I was speaking facetiously in most instances, especially the lead in, as I firmly believe the First Peoples were robbed of their harmony with nature by the white men with weapons who did not honor treaties. This is evident when I speak in a Western Drawl mimicking the nasty rhetoric I have heard about the justification of genocide of the Native Americans. I understood that racism perpetrated by whites on African-Americans was ruling the politics of Dayton. Similarly, in the west, white settlers attempted to wipe out brown races by justifying the proceedings with law. The Sand Creek Massacre, the Chinese Exclusion Act and the incarcerating of the Japanese Americans at various military installations across America are just more examples of institutional racism that must be stamped out in America and the world. Additionally, in spite of me making the “D” for Dummy sign, I had already worked for the election of Barak Obama and I was certainly arguing for the Constitutional Right to keep and bear arms. I was also addressing the notion of “well regulated” within the 2ndAmmendment. You will notice that David does mention the Patriot Act, which was… Read more »


This guy seems legit. I’d vote for him.