Dayton Parks and Recreation

Stupid reason to close a swimming pool in the morning

Why Jermaine and Jonquel can’t swim

The City of Dayton used to have a lot of swimming pools. A place for kids to go, play, with adult supervision, doing something healthy, and potentially life saving. Now we have 2 pools, we can barely keep them open, and we have “splash pads” instead. No one learns how to swim in a splash Read More

Esrati's big idea for a Dayton Sportsplex

Dayton Recreation director finally stumbles upon Esrati’s “Sportsplex” plan

I didn’t get credit for bring bike share to Dayton, and I won’t get credit for this idea either. Of course, my idea is more fully fleshed out, since I’ve been talking about this since Percy Mack was DPS superintendent (whenever that was).My idea was more than just building a sports complex, but a hub Read More