Beloved principal removed. Turmoil continues in DPS

Today, newly minted Superintendent Libby Lolli descended on Belmont High School and removed Principal Melanie Walters from her job, 6 weeks before the end of the school year. Walters had already tendered her resignation at the end of the school year.

Despite the building being stretched beyond capacity- Walters hadn’t been given additional teachers or administrators to handle the influx.

She was moved to Ponitz to be an assistant principal there- in the midst of an investigation into missing Career Tech Education funding. Same pay, less responsibility.

The two previous assistant principals at Ponitz had been removed after the teacher dragging incident.

It is unclear at this point who will be in charge of Belmont.  Walters was loved by her students, and respected by staff.

There have been rumors of Wright Brothers Principal Shauna Welch being moved to manage Belmont- although that will damage Wright Brothers, which is still reeling from being changed from an elementary school to a middle school 2 years ago.

Why now? In the last two days, an image has been circulating on Facebook as “news” that Walters and former superintendent Rhonda Corr had been married on March 22, 2018. Is this retaliation?

I wish the newly weds well. Love is a hard thing to find. Especially in Dayton.

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