Foul mouthed “comic” comes to Dayton and Dayton embarrasses itself

I don’t know Mike Epps.

But, it doesn’t take long watching his youtube video “Inappropriate behavior” to realize he’s a walking time bomb.

He’s got a book coming out: “Unsuccessful thug.”

And, last night- there was inappropriate behavior by some unsuccessful thugs in the lobby of the Schuster Center. Go figure.

The two video’s I saw on Facebook this morning made the entire city look bad.

Brawling in the lobby, a woman kicking a guy in the head while he’s being held down on the ground and beaten. And it wasn’t just one fight. It was multiple fights.

At noon, Trotwood Mayor Mary McDonald went on Facebook live to talk about it. She had Faith Daniels from WROU on with her. Faith was involved in organizing the show- which lost money. I respect Mayor McDonald for stepping up- but, it was all Faith doing the talking.

The event didn’t hire extra security. It didn’t have armed guards and metal detectors. And, yet, some people thought that was the problem.

The problem was the behavior of a few- that reflected poorly on the many.

That people were taking video instead of stepping in to stop the inappropriate behavior is the first problem. The second, is that we can’t seem to understand that when you listen to someone run their mouth using the “N” word over and over- it’s degrading to the entire community- never mind the foul mouthed idiot who is trying to profit by it.

I hear “nigga this, nigga that” non-stop in my barber shop (Fresh-2-Def on W. Third). I’m not allowed to use that word, but apparently, there are people who justify it. They let it slide. They don’t say- “you degrade us all when you utter that word.”

The discussion on Mary’s facebook live- was about the added cost of security- making tickets more expensive. The real answer is for those involved- to be identified- and be fined. And forced to pay for security for the next show. And stand there, in front of the community wearing a shirt that say’s “I’m stupid. I’m a menace to society. I’m sorry, I ruined it for Dayton” or something like that.

Public shaming works.

Bad behavior is bad behavior- and it should be universally frowned upon- no matter what the venue. We’ve had brawls and gunshots at funerals. We apparently don’t understand that this is unacceptable- everywhere.

The correct thing to do when seeing things like this is to either step in and stop it, or make sure everyone knows that they will be held accountable.

I’m waiting for all the “Black Leaders” in the community to speak up.

I’m waiting for the campaign against the “n” word.

I’ve said something about it at enough basketball courts in this city to know- we can do better.

It just takes people stepping up to do the right thing.


Is this a preview of what will happen at the Levitt Pavilion?

note: I’m sure I’m going to get crucified for this post. I’m sure I crossed some line. I’ll probably get called racist- even though I know we’ve got dumb white comics and stupid white folks who will fight too. But, the comment “this is why we can’t have nice things in Dayton” was used over and over by people commenting on the fights. I think we can have nice things in Dayton, once we set reasonable standards and expectations.


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