Wright brothers

Daytonopia and Idiocracy

I’m admitting it, I’m late to the party. After hearing people reference the movie “Idiocracy” over and over to refer to the current leadership in this country, I sat down and watched if for the first time. It’s a very stupid movie. Unfortunately, it does a lot to explain why we currently have an idiot Read More

Beloved principal removed. Turmoil continues in DPS

Today, newly minted Superintendent Libby Lolli descended on Belmont High School and removed Principal Melanie Walters from her job, 6 weeks before the end of the school year. Walters had already tendered her resignation at the end of the school year. Despite the building being stretched beyond capacity- Walters hadn’t been given additional teachers or Read More

Inherit the Wind and Dayton today

I’d not seen “Inherit the Wind” about the Scopes “Monkey” trial in another Dayton, Dayton Tennessee. Now I have and there are some parables for this modern day Dayton to be recognized: note: all indented text via Inherit the Wind (1960) – Memorable quotes. Henry Drummond (the movie name for Clarence Darrow): Progress has never Read More

Pave more roads or free bikes? Stimulus for the future

While everyone seems excited about getting Federal Stimulus dollars, spending them on existing infrastructure doesn’t really stimulate much for very long. Real change means changing the infrastructure to make Dayton a more desirable place to live. The idea of the free bike isn’t new, and it’s not out of reach. It’s working in Paris, and Read More