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Beloved principal removed. Turmoil continues in DPS

Today, newly minted Superintendent Libby Lolli descended on Belmont High School and removed Principal Melanie Walters from her job, 6 weeks before the end of the school year. Walters had already tendered her resignation at the end of the school year.

Despite the building being stretched beyond capacity- Walters hadn’t been given additional teachers or administrators to handle the influx.

She was moved to Ponitz to be an assistant principal there- in the midst of an investigation into missing Career Tech Education funding. Same pay, less responsibility.

The two previous assistant principals at Ponitz had been removed after the teacher dragging incident.

It is unclear at this point who will be in charge of Belmont.  Walters was loved by her students, and respected by staff.

There have been rumors of Wright Brothers Principal Shauna Welch being moved to manage Belmont- although that will damage Wright Brothers, which is still reeling from being changed from an elementary school to a middle school 2 years ago.

Why now? In the last two days, an image has been circulating on Facebook as “news” that Walters and former superintendent Rhonda Corr had been married on March 22, 2018. Is this retaliation?

I wish the newly weds well. Love is a hard thing to find. Especially in Dayton.

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David Johns

Retaliation? Seriously? People really take you seriously, don’t they? And “beloved and respected” by parents and staff? You know this how? Conjecture by Esrati. Nothing new to see here folks, move along.


Well asswipe I’m no Estati fan but I do know both Belmont teachers and parents who talk to him so maybe you should stick to sucking your binky!!

John Smith

Get a real job and stay out of conversations you know nothing about. If you had any real news to offer maybe the Montgomery County Courts and DPS would consider you a source of media. Instead your a source of humility and embarrassment.

Dave C

Parents, students, teachers and administrators should all get and stay as far away from DPS as possible, as soon as possible.


David Johns

Oh Chuck, you clearly have nothing substantive to add. You know nothing of this situation, I do. Do your research, all that Mr Esrsti has stated is not based in truth. Sensationalized, distorted, and untruths are the name of his game.


Keep up the good work David. You know you are getting through when you have dedicated trolls on your site. I believe I used to be one and over time realized that even though I don’t always agree with your stance, it is very apparent that you care. And that you know more that any other media outlet.


This is the best thing for Belmont. Teachers and some students are scared to go to school. Assaults are happening daily, drug use, sex and absolute mayhem. There is no backing teachers. Kids are running the halls. Lolli is doing some cleaning up that should’ve been done back in October. Kudos to her. I’m not 100% sold on her as superintendent yet but she may win the staff over at Belmont with this move. Walter and Corr are in fact married and I wish them well. Only a handful of delinquent students loved Walter. Over half of the student body has no idea who she is because she hides in her office on a daily basis. No one really knows the real story and the hell we all have endured at Belmont.

David Johns

To the unknown author: Kudos. You speak far more knowledgeably than Mr. Esrati’s conjecture. Thank you for sharing. Also, Andrew, I seriously hope you are not naive or ignorant enough to blindly believe the things Mr. Esrati says.

Mr. Whitefolks

Walters has serious character deficits that affect her ability to manage a team of teachers and successfully lead Belmont.

D. H.

Just one correction to this story…
“The two previous assistant principals at Ponitz had been removed after the teacher dragging incident.”
Neither of them have been removed. Both were present and accounted for prior to leaving for break and there was no signs of Ms. Walters.


Short trip back in time…October 2017, Rhonda Corr is Superintendent of Schools for Dayton Public Schools (DPS), has just received a glowing evaluation for the past year and was given a three-year extension to her contract. Teacher contracts were ratified before a walkout, she achieved grade of “A-” from an “F” preventing a state takeover, and bussing issues improved by her implementation of a call center. Things are going well for the district. Flash forward to late November, there are sudden and unfounded allegations of misconduct, and the School Board that was so generous in their offering of an extended contract was now out for blood. An integral part of this is Dr. Elizabeth “Libby” Lolli, Deputy Superintendent. Dr. Lolli spent the year aligning herself with the elected infrastructure of the Mayor’s Office. In this Machiavellian scheme of Lolli’s, she is made acting Superintendent, and can carry out the wishes of the Mayor’s Office, and also target those close to and loyal to Rhonda Corr, thereby eliminating the threat to the orders being given from the Mayor’s office, and installing a Superintendent and Board ready, willing, and able to follow the directives being handed out. It is common knowledge around the District that the Mayor’s office “calls the shots” in the District, and it is well beyond the purview of the Mayor’s office to do so. Lolli, resident disillusioned Bible-thumper, self proclaimed intolerant of the LGBT members DPS employs, and hand-puppet of the city officials in the Mayor’s Office, waged a personal war against Corr, and anyone loyal to her. Lolli donned the traditional green of envy and jealousy, wagged her finger of judgment from her high moral ground, and using Storm Trooper tactics to wage this very public and extremely personal war, managed to help secure the allegations against Corr with the School Board, who are also hand-puppets of the Mayor’s office, and, who were also just less than thirty days prior so generous with compliments of Corr’s performance and a contract extension as a result of that performance. Quite a turnaround in so small a time frame, wouldn’t… Read more »

Kayla Jennings

The principal was the best in our school! I am a student here and I want her back! She was the kindest,most honest hard-working person at my school and She would ALWAYS come in and watch us do our work. She made sure we were doing it! #IMISSMISS.WALTERS!


Beloved principal removed. Turmoil continues in DPS”…Just look at TMS operations

Joe blow


Joe Blow

I love Dayton public schools. I’m glad my kids go there. Best school district in the area

Joe Blow

DPS students are so disrespectful! ……..They throw things at teachers, they fight, they scream the f word thousand times a day.
DPS Administration……Most of them are impotent and inept and most regards. Especially when it comes to any kind of effective discipline. Some administrators are better than others. It’s a shame they’re moving the principal out of Wright brothers. She was an excellent administrator and kept that place in good order!

Restorative justice? Yeah that’s a total joke! I would not waste another dollar on this program.

bad behavior starts in the home! no one would disagree the DPS has some rough kids. It’s a rough place to teach but you need staff who have some balls and going to stand up to difficult situations. Make the positive change that needs to be made and move this District forward.

Stop hiring your friends, your relatives and your family members.!! Unfortunately many DPS administrators wouldn’t know a good good teacher or administrator if it bit him in the ass. They just keep hiring the same recycled people over and over again with the same tired, dysfunctional ideas that never work.

the kids in DPS need continuity in the stability. This revolving door of moving administrators around year after year does not help the kids