Another reason terrestrial radio is toast

This is not a proper news story. (Most of it was written 23 Nov at 10:26 am)

It’s the kind of BS the Dayton Daily news would pass off as reporting- without citing their source as Facebook.

Local radio legend John Beaulieau, know as “The BMan” – who has been on WTUE forever, is no longer on the air.

“Yes..I am no longer employed.

Yes..I’m getting around..

Yes..I will be in touch..

Yes..I wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving..from the bottom of my heart…

My friends Rock! Lol”

John’s Facebook page- as of 3pm yesterday or so.

I’ve known John forever- but really got to know him better when he was the voice of the Dayton Bombers, when my firm was their ad agency. John was the voice of the Bombers- booming, loud, larger than life. He loves hockey- and the fans loved him. I don’t remember him ever missing a game.

John’s been more than a voice to WTUE over the years- he’s been their soul- embodied. At events/live remotes, from motorcycle blessing of the bikes, to truck pulls to you name it- there he was. Loved, loud, proud.

I grew up listening to WMMS in Cleveland- and was lucky enough to know a few of the jocks, because they’d come into the stores where I worked, and shopped at the record store that was my happy place (sadly closing this Dec 31 after a loooong 55 year run). You could tell the time slot by who was on the radio, they understood the relationship between the station and the community.

There have been a lot of Dayton greats on the air, but, John was different. He was humble. He was everyman. He was Dayton’s version of the hardest working man in show business.

Now, if you are wondering why you are reading this on Dec 26, it’s because John took down his first post to friends- that alerted me to the story, which I promptly wrote- and then held off publishing after having a chat with John. But, yesterday, Christmas Day, he told the world in a post- and I’m sure the Dayton Day-old news will report it now… but, just so you know, there is still one person who has the institutional knowledge, the connections and the platform to keep you informed in Dayton of the news.

To the geniuses at Clear Channel- or whatever you call yourselves these days. Congrats, we now know you’ve graduated from the Elon Musk School of Management.
There is no reason to I heart radio in Dayton anymore- you stabbed the heart of radio when you silenced the B-man at Thanksgiving.

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