A Dayton Original

So, I decided to throw the new logo up on the masthead- since I think I qualify.

Reading the DDN blog– there are a bunch of spineless (they don’t post with their whole names- for fear of something) haters. Very little intelligent thought there- but, what do you expect from people who read a paper written for third graders.

With so much hatred for “Mayor McHat” as Mayor McLin seems to be called – you’d wonder who elected her?

For all the complaining about our elected leaders- very few are willing to step up and have a plan. I’ve done it at least 6 times and been spanked. Are we our own worst enemies? Are we capable of electing someone who is a “Dayton Original” and has an original thought?

I’m debating running for Commission next year- should I do it? What would it be like to have a blogging commissioner? Are my ideas worth your support?

The incumbents are Joey Williams and Nan Whaley. Who should I beat out if it’s only a three way race? Or will I be coming in fourth again?


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