Dayton Original

Quit the DDn, travel the world, make a difference: Larry Price triumphs over mediocrity

When I broke the story that Larry C. Price, the two time Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, quit his job as head of photography for the Dayton Daily news, it went global fast. I’d not met Larry before that. Since then, we’ve become friends. Before Dayton, he’d traveled the world recording images of civil rights abuses, Read More

Diving Through Dayton- a food blog

A friend of mine writes a foodie blog in Cincy that’s pretty serious: Wine Me Dine Me Cincinnati, and she’s pretty serious about her reviews. If you are looking for the hot places to eat in Cincy, this is the site. She’s a big fan of independent local places and tries to avoid the chains. Read More

A Dayton Original

So, I decided to throw the new logo up on the masthead- since I think I qualify. Reading the DDN blog– there are a bunch of spineless (they don’t post with their whole names- for fear of something) haters. Very little intelligent thought there- but, what do you expect from people who read a paper Read More