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A Dayton Original

So, I decided to throw the new logo up on the masthead- since I think I qualify.

Reading the DDN blog [1]– there are a bunch of spineless (they don’t post with their whole names- for fear of something) haters. Very little intelligent thought there- but, what do you expect from people who read a paper written for third graders.

With so much hatred for “Mayor McHat” as Mayor McLin seems to be called – you’d wonder who elected her?

For all the complaining about our elected leaders- very few are willing to step up and have a plan. I’ve done it at least 6 times and been spanked. Are we our own worst enemies? Are we capable of electing someone who is a “Dayton Original” and has an original thought?

I’m debating running for Commission next year- should I do it? What would it be like to have a blogging commissioner? Are my ideas worth your support?

The incumbents are Joey Williams and Nan Whaley. Who should I beat out if it’s only a three way race? Or will I be coming in fourth again?


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David Lauri

If you run, beat out spineless wimp Joey Williams who didn’t even have the courage of his convictions to vote against adding sexual orientation to Dayton’s non-discrimination ordinance but abstained.

Dean Lovelace was completely wrong to vote no, but I do have to give him credit for being able to take a stand one way or the other. Though I am utterly and completely disappointed that Mr. Lovelace thought it should be legal in the city of Dayton to fire people, to deny housing to people, to deny public accommodations to people on the basis of their sexual orientations. Had his view prevailed it’d have been yet another reason for Dayton’s stagnation. Name me a thriving growing city that doesn’t welcome diversity.

And yes, people can complain about Mayor McLin in many areas, but she took a courageous stand on this issue, one that cost her politically.

Ida Tarbell

Please run for Commissioner. We need a more transparent and responsive government.


I stumbled upon your blog and really enjoyed it – – – especially the “investigations” that you conducted into the conduct of Dayton’s political class.
Have you ever looked into the Montgomery County Prosecutor’s Office? Mat Heck never appears in public or tries any cases. And I was told that there were “ethical issues” (excluding the Hatch Act stuff) surrounding the office? In addition, I know people who have been victims of serious, violent crimes and repeated property damage offenses, where the Prosecutor’s Office and the Law Enforcement Community have refused to take police reports or press charges against the KNOWN perpetrators because of political ties to the community.

Maybe you or one of your readers knows something about this type of situation that you could share?

[This is my first time writing to you. Please use your editorial judgment in publishing these comments. I do not wish to offend anyone.]



Even though I have a lot of different views than you, and believe it or not share some of the same views, I think you should run.

I voted for you in the last election. Even though I may not agree with you all of the time, we need leadership, energy and change. You bring that to the table.

Dayton needs change – and at this point I could care less what that change is. ANY change would be good at this point.