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Will Gamestop stop the game of Wall Street?

When the rich do it, it’s smart and capitalism at work. When the masses do it- it’s an affront to the billionaires. A wealthy friend who said “The small investors are doing the same thing the Wall Street/hedge fund people have been doing for years. The Wall Street/hedge fund people got caught on the wrong Read More

The post coronavirus conundrum

I recently read the book “Shantaram” based on hearing someone talk about this concept, because, fundamentally- I disagreed, I believe that form follows function, and simplification is almost always superior to the complex, but, here’s the quote: Anything that enhances, promotes, or accelerates this movement toward the Ultimate Complexity is good,’ he said, pronouncing the Read More

Just hit pause

People are aghast in Ohio that at the last minute, after the governor couldn’t shut down the polls today, the health commissioner did, and she probably saved millions of lives. Others, are so used to their daily hustle economy, where they feel like they are kingpins of control, realize, that all they controlled was based Read More

Why you need to elect smarter people: Coronavirus

The bailout of Wall Street took no debate, no discussion, and no wringing of hands about where to find the money. $1.5T was immediately pledged to pump into an institution that produces nothing that’s going to keep anyone alive. Compare that with WWII- when companies making things like golf-clubs or shock absorbers were re-tasked to Read More

Forums on Media and Democracy that aren’t forums

I stepped up to the microphone to answer a question about what we can do to change things locally, after being mislabled as a cameraman from DATV, and before I was a few sentences in, Dr Donald Nguyen screams out and interrupts me with “What’s your question.” This is not how a public forum discusses Read More

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