The mailer came to my mother’s house yesterday- the “slate card” or “dummy voters guide”- The Endorsed Candidates of the Montgomery County Democratic Party. These endorsements were decided back in January, publicly, and before that privately. It was done without hearing the candidates making a single stump speech, without a primary, by a small, self-selected […]

The last 2.75 days have been hell. My iPhone 3G “upgrade” turned it into a brick. And as digitally dependent as I am- it was a crisis. I spent over 6 hours on the phone with Apple- to no avail. The upgrade was supposedly unreversable- and it even trashed the backup. Luckily- I back things […]

An activist’s search for inspiration

by David Esrati on November 7, 2009

in Change the world, underdogs

Last night I took exception when seventies activist Angela Davis said an individual can’t fight city hall during her Q&A. It wasn’t a Joe Wilson moment (fixed)- the floor was open, but in Dayton- it’s almost written in stone that one has to ask permission by commission and it drives me crazy. Gary Leitzell didn’t […]

Call it scorched earth, call it stupid, but, writing this post before meeting up with the Dayton Daily News editorial board questioning the writer’s intelligence is what I do. I want people to think, to analyze, to look at things with more than the same old thinking. Martin Gottlieb at the Dayton Daily News, a […]

Insanity reigns at union HQ

by David Esrati on August 25, 2009

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Albert Einstein said that the definition of insanity was doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. The AFL-CIO did just that- endorsing the incumbents instead of the challengers- or not endorsing at all. The Dayton Miami Valley AFL-CIO Regional Labor Council has endorsed Rhine McLin for a third term as Dayton […]

I wonder what American politics would be like without Special Interest Groups, Political Action Committees, unions and even political parties. What if the only thing that counted was the will of the people? What if we took the money out of politics? What if we just had old fashioned debates- and then mailed ballots to […]

Don’t expect the disenfranchised voters to come out in droves in November if Hillary Clinton is the Democratic nominee- or even if she is some part of some borked split ticket with Obama. Look to the things the endorsers of Hillary say: Obama, Clinton pick up endorsements Hall said he decided to endorse Clinton months […]

You read it here first- when I said Vic Harris should run despite the Democratic Party Secret Screening Society decided he shouldn’t. Now, the DDN editorial board actually agrees with me- the Vic Harris is the kind of fresh energy that the Democratic party should be encouraging. Not only that, primaries are good- giving voters […]

I have to laugh at the quotes from Mark Owens and Jane Mitakides in today’s DDN: Dems endorse old foe for Turner Dems endorse old foe for Turner Jane Mitakides, a Washington Twp. businesswoman, lost the same congressional race in 2004. By Steve Bennish Staff Writer Friday, January 25, 2008 DAYTON — The Montgomery County […]

The Montgomery County Democratic Party reversed itself tonight by endorsing Jane Mitakides in the primary for OH-3. Even though she still doesn’t have a website up, almost 20 days after the filing deadline, and they rejected her on the party floor when I called for an endorsement, they still believe Mitakides is their best bet […]