Back to life- need your help

The last 2.75 days have been hell. My iPhone 3G “upgrade” turned it into a brick. And as digitally dependent as I am- it was a crisis.

I spent over 6 hours on the phone with Apple- to no avail. The upgrade was supposedly unreversable- and it even trashed the backup.

Luckily- I back things up in multiple places- and, did a whole bunch of searching- to find a solution- which I posted here:

Helping people across the globe get their phones back from the brickyard.

But- now- I need your help. 2 ways:

I have to take a 150-word endorsement essay to the DDN on Monday. Be it one of Ice Bandit’s poems, one of Jstults astute references to Wikipedia and other arcane sources, Larkin’s Pulitzer worthy prose- or one of PizzaBill’s tongue in cheek responses- I don’t care.

Give it a shot in comments- and we’ll vote and see who gets to give the DDN the reason why I’m the best to go up against Turner in the fall.

The second part is- I need to see some more money in the donation kitty. Please consider $5 a week- or even one time. If you’ve read this site, and get some entertainment value at the least- it’s gotta be worth a few greenbacks.

And just remember- it all gets a lot more interesting if:

1) I’m debating Turner or

2) I’m writing from the floor of the House of Representatives.

It’s up to you. Thanks.

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