“David Esrati [not endorsed]” and what it means.

It came in the mail today. The Ohio Republican Party sent a mailer to all the people I wish I could send a mailer to- but can’t afford to, because I’m not backed by 27 Billionaires like Mike Turner is.

If I’d used all the money I’ve raised- I could have spent it on a mailing, but, now, I don’t have to. I love it when a plan comes together.

Reality, I was endorsed in a thing called an Election. It happened back in May. The Dems had 4 people to choose from to go against Mike Turner- and more of them wanted me than the other three.

The “endorsement” by the party- is up to a bunch of politicians and their patronage plan lackeys voting to “teach me a lesson” for crossing them.

For doing things like exposing the fact that Montgomery County Commissioner Debbie Lieberman’s assistant, was steering no bid contracts to her campaign ad agency, which he was a secret “co-founder” of at the time. He resigned after I exposed the contract- and announced he was co-founder and CEO- and Debbie never has to admit that she was involved.

Or, exposing that Dayton City Commissioner Joey Williams was a confidential informant working for the FBI when he ran for re-election- with an agreement to resign if re-elected.

Or that current Montgomery County Dem Party chair, Mohamed Al-Hamdani was illegally conducting meetings before he was even sworn into office– and then went on to conduct more. This is the fool that hired Libby Lolli as Superintendent- without doing a background check.

There is obviously more to this story- but, since I’m in the middle of running for Congress to replace Mike Turner, and the MCDP and ODP seem to prefer Mike Turner to me- because he will let them get away with their criminal acts and I won’t- that’s fine.

If I was your congressman, and I found out that the Sheriff was allowing prisoners to be sprayed in the face with pepper spray, while in restraint chairs- I would be here closing down the jail and arresting the sheriff and some deputies. I’d also question why the prosecutor looked the other way.

But, that’s the difference between me and Mike Turner- he “works for the base” and I work for you.

It’s your choice who you want in Congress working for you, at the ballot box, not in the back rooms.

Update: I talked about this on my daily live stream townhall (something Mike Turner would never do- actually talk to voters).

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