David E Bowman

An activist’s search for inspiration

Last night I took exception when seventies activist Angela Davis said an individual can’t fight city hall during her Q&A. It wasn’t a Joe Wilson moment (fixed)- the floor was open, but in Dayton- it’s almost written in stone that one has to ask permission by commission and it drives me crazy. Gary Leitzell didn’t Read More

I’ve been podcasted: SummitUp in Dayton Oct. 20

Fellow social media type David Bowman posted a podcast we recorded last week- about my presentation at SummitUp– a really great event that closes reservations this WEDNESDAY! So if you want to hear NATIONAL speakers, including Bob Garfield, Chris Brogan, Kevin Dugan and more- including me, sign up for this amazing event. You won’t read Read More

How do we make Dayton smarter?

This isn’t a post about education. It’s about access to the data infrastructure. My friend David E. Bowman tweeted about the “Long tail of City’s” where access to data was discussed. That took me over to the IBM smarter cities site where they have this synopsis: A city is not some abstract organizational entity, but Read More

The informal movement

In 90 minutes or so, I’m going to be standing in front of a group of Dayton marketing professionals and presenting a “Big Idea.” This isn’t the Dayton Ad Club (now, unfortunately mis-monikered as the “Greater Dayton Advertising Association) or the Dayton Chapter of the American Marketing Association or the IABC (I can’t even remember Read More