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I’ve been watching a movement that started in the UK- that has huge implications for the parent company of LexisNexis, Reed Elsevier. It seems a university researcher started wondering why research paid for with government funds was being sold back to the government by the “scientific press” at extraordinary expense in the form of “professional […]

While Montgomery County is looking at budget cuts, Warren County is siting on extra cash like a fat cat. Some of this can probably be attributed to the brilliant work done by their former State Rep Tom Raga in convincing Sinclair President Steve Johnson to expand into Warren County without a tax to pay for […]

I’ve been critical of the expansion of Sinclair Community College into Warren County. It’s bad enough that we’ve been losing population and business to them- but now they are getting the fruits of our tax support of a Montgomery County institution with zero tax burden. Sure, they will pay more in tuition, but it’s marginally […]

Walmart sells things made in China- but, now, they’re trying to sell themselves as nice guys by handing out chump change donations for job retraining: scholarships are the result of a $336,500 grant Sinclair received in August from the Walmart Foundation. Sinclair was one of eight U.S. community colleges to share in a total of […]

I had a conversation with Dayton Daily News Editorial board member and former school reporter, Scott Elliott about my “strangely bad ideas” including where he scoffed about Sinclair Community College taking over Dayton Public Schools. He did agree that the DPS brand is beyond tarnished, but, told me there was no precedent, or reason for […]

It’s not often that I quote myself in posts, but for this one, it seems appropriate- I wrote this back in January. I dedicated to F.B.- who didn’t make it out of the hospital, R.I.P. You are missed. Here is the excerpt: Rooming houses, the regulated and inspected type, aren’t that much different from hotels […]

I remember having to listen to various campus “preachers” at Wright State screaming at the top of their lungs about sin and damnation. Many overstepped their bounds. I remember one guy who liked to point at women dressed “provocatively” and yell “prostitute.” Needless to say- these people were a nuisance, they disturbed the peace and […]

Algebra hasn’t changed that much in the last 50 years. Printing has. Even when the cost of four-color offset printing has dropped like a rock, textbook publishers are getting away with grand theft. At Sinclair Community College beginning Algebra costs $180- the books cost $156. Three business books add even more to the price tag: […]

Sinclair’s new megalomania mission

by David Esrati on October 28, 2008

in Sinclair Community College

Montgomery County voters have subsidized Sinclair Community College, over and over. Now, we’re subsidizing campuses in Warren county- and soon- Preble County. Sinclair Community College will move forward with plans for a Preble County campus, following a decision from its executive committee. Campus officials said the executive committee voted to pass a resolution Monday to […]

Next year, Dayton gets to chose a majority of the seats on the Dayton City Commission. The Mayor, Nan Whaley and Joey Williams are up for reelection. Last cycle- Dean Lovelace and Matt Joseph ran unopposed. That can’t happen again. “Counting to three” is the key phrase among Commission watchers- you have to be able […]