Sinclair Community College is working for the Corporations- not the people

There is an acute nursing shortage right now. Sinclair’s cost effective 2 year RN program has a huge waiting list. They can’t graduate RN’s fast enough. So, now that they’ve gouged the people of Montgomery County with their levy renewal again (a levy that the hospitals don’t have to pay- since they are “non-profit”) – they are using your tax dollars to make a new program that will compete with existing programs at Wright State and Miami University, to give already registered RN’s a BSN.

Note- right now, the only reason to get a BSN is because your employer is asking for one- as a 2 yr RN- you can get a job ANYWHERE and get paid premium dollars.

This will subtract resources from the already stretched to capacity Sinclair RN program. Instead of expanding it, cutting wait times, and increasing graduation rates, Dr. Steve Johnson is kissing the hospitals CEO’s asses providing cheaper alternatives for them to help their accreditation status, because, there isn’t a patient out there checking to see if the person changing their bedpan, or giving them a shot has a BSN instead of an RN.

From the press release posing as a news article in the Dayton Daily snooze:

Current registered nurses will be able to get a bachelor of science in nursing degree (BSN) from Sinclair Community College for the first time in the college’s history when a new completion program begins in January 2024.

Sinclair officials said the program will help fill a shortage of nurses in the Dayton region and will help students get a critical education at a lower cost. The new program is for people who already have a registered nursing license and want to further their training.

“We are so excited to work with our healthcare providers to make sure that this critical workforce need is filled to the best of our ability,” Steve Johnson, president of Sinclair, said.

Premier Health chief nursing officer and chief experience officer Lisa Gossett said the hospital hires registered nurses with both associate degrees and bachelor degrees, but offers programs for current nurses to continue their education.

Source: Sinclair Community College is adding a Bachelor of Science in Nursing program

Your taxes are subsidizing Premier Health with this program- nothing else.

Someone needs to reel Dr. Johnson in on this, pronto asap.

The citizens of Montgomery County already pay enough for Sinclair- and their health care.

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