Montgomery County Voters Guide Issues

Statewide we have Issue 1 or “Marsy’s Law” on the surface looks like a victims rights law. Problem is, we already have almost all the parts of it on the books. It doesn’t need to be written into the constitution. When both prosecutors and public defenders are against it- you probably should be too. Vote NO on issue 1.

The issue that’s getting all the attention is Issue 2. It’s also a bullshit law, that probably shouldn’t be on the books. If we really cared about lowering drug prices or improving the delivery of health care, we’d have single payer and stop allowing hospitals to be duopolies with tax exempt status. And, we’d throw a bunch of them in prison for causing this country to have the most expensive health care in an “industrialized country.” But, here’s the thing- if drug companies are willing to spend $70 Million or more- to get you to vote no- do the opposite, just to give them the middle finger. It won’t save you any money- it won’t save the state any either- but, it will tell big pharma that the people are tired of being jerked around- $600 epi pens? Exactly. Vote YES on Issue 2.

Issue 3 is the Montgomery County Health and Human Services levy. Well, that’s actually a lie, it’s half of it, since they split it into two and staggered it. This is great for the campaign consultant they hire out of Cleveland to run their campaign – so we can give him lots of money- and waste it on campaign materials and all those ads (also good for local media outlets). But, here’s the thing, my mom is 89, and she depends on the services this levy provides, and so do a lot of other seniors. Sure, all of these quasi-public agencies could be run more efficiently and cheaper, but once again, we’re back to Single Payer Health Care or, real, efficient, well-run government in Montgomery County-and we don’t want to hold our breath waiting. It’s a lot of money, and we can’t advertise “move to Montgomery County if you want excellent care for you once you turn 65” – so, Vote YES on Issue 3.

Issue 4 is the Sinclair levy- the big part, 3.2 mils. They added a second levy 2 years ago for about a single mil. I didn’t have time to really organize resistance. I’m a big believer in affordable public education and think Sinclair is generally a good thing, however, Dr. Steven Johnson has a god complex- and can’t stop growing Sinclair and spending money. He’s extended services into branch campuses in Greene, Preble and even Warren Counties- none of which pay a dime in property tax. Hey Dr. Steve- go get tax levies passed in Warren, Preble and Greene first, before you ask us to keep paying for your grandiose plans of world domination. We’ve paid for 52 years in Montgomery County- at least those of us who haven’t been given tax abatement (80% of downtown properties and companies like GE and Emerson and Midmark). So, this November 7, vote NO on Issue 4 and help Keep Sinclair Fair.

There are other issues in various Montgomery County communities- and I can’t cover them all. These are the County wide ones.

You don’t have to agree with me, you don’t have to like what I say and you don’t even have to read but, I know how many people do… you aren’t alone, and me, Google and the NSA are watching.

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