Sinclair levy

Montgomery County Voters Guide Issues

Statewide we have Issue 1 or “Marsy’s Law” on the surface looks like a victims rights law. Problem is, we already have almost all the parts of it on the books. It doesn’t need to be written into the constitution. When both prosecutors and public defenders are against it- you probably should be too. Vote Read More

The Sinclair Daily News- strikes again

In case you’re wondering, why there hasn’t been as much on you might want to wander over to Keep Sinclair Fair- and read the reasoning to vote NO on Issue 13- at least until Sinclair either stops operating outside Montgomery County- where we’ve paid handsomely for 49 years – or, Sinclair passes levies in Read More

Some thoughts on the Sinclair Levy, issue 39

Today, while campaigning for Obama, I ran into a woman who works at Sinclair- after attending retraining there after she got laid off from Delco. She was a $8 hr hire at Delco, with limited benefits. When she was laid off- she was eligible for 2 years of unemployment and retraining at Sinclair as long Read More