Why Oakwood will have better schools in the future

Reading an article in the Dayton Business Journal about school districts thinking of 4 day school weeks to save on gas, it became really obvious that the idea of busing students to school is obsolete. Dayton Public Schools use 40,000 gallons of diesel per month. At $4.50 a gallon, that’s $180,000 being spent just on gas, instead of instruction. Compare that with Oakwood where almost all students walk to school, where that money can be spent on education instead of transportation.

Walkable communities aren’t going to be optional. Instead of worrying about how big the parking lot is going to be at the new Krogers, they should be looking at building more smaller stores, closer to customers.

Instead of building “communities” like “Village of North Clayton” in corn fields far from employers and schools we should be rewarding employers for having their employees in walking distance.

Same song, different reason.

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