It’s 6:30pm, do you know what the Dayton Police are doing?

While the price of gas is hovering around $4 a gallon, it seems the Dayton Police are doing their part to make sure you feel the pain, even if you are on a bicycle.

That’s right- in a state that doesn’t inspect cars, and you can drive without a bumper, fender, or even a windshield, the Dayton Police department is stopping bicyclists on the bikeway at 6:30 pm for NOT HAVING A HEADLIGHT! I feel safer already.

I know this, because our intern was stopped- and also warned about using an MP-3 player while riding. Apparenly, it’s ok to drive a car with your boom-thunk blasting, or talk on the phone while eating MickyD’s- but, don’t ride a bike on the bike path with an MP3 player.

I don’t have a light on my bike, and I listen to Marketplace almost every morning on my bike ride. Guess I’m a criminal.

Oh, and one more thing- the cops were in cruisers. Guess they can’t pedal fast enough to catch the people on bikes.

Do you feel safer?

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