North Korea good, Cuba bad? WTF?

So, the Axis of Evil lost a teammate this week. Place a bet that within a year, Wal-Mart will be selling products made in North Korea. In the mean time, Cuba, a mere 90 miles away, has a literacy rate at 97%, used to be a vacation hot-spot, and produces a lot of sugar and some pretty good cigars- can’t be a trade partner.

And we didn’t invade Iraq for oil.

It’s time to normalize relations with Cuba. Yesterday.

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I totally agree. We need some candidates who step up and embrace reality not pander to electoral college voting blocs.


I’ve been to Cuba and was amazed. It’s sad that even a tourism site mentions the “economic hardship Cuba has”.

Here’s what has to say about Cuba.
“Cuba Travel Guide

Cuba is unlike any other place on earth. What draws people to this fascinating Caribbean island is much more than beaches, sun, and cheap drinks, though there are plenty of all three for those who want them. Cuba’s rich culture, unique political history, and continued economic hardship make it one of the most eye-opening countries that experienced travelers can still discover. Seeing the best of Cuba means grooving to its intoxicating music, marveling at how Cubans improvise on a daily basis to make ends meet, and visiting a land in which the past 50 years seem to have crept by.”
©2005, Wiley Publishing, Inc.


I’ve been to Cuba (legally, I was the stamp writer for The Plain Dealer and covered a stamp show).
It was a wonderful two weeks, but there was nothing to buy. Everything was rationed. Public transport was crowded. And hustlers were trying to buy dollars all over the place.
Havana was in need of a paint job and major repairs.

Drexel Dave

I’m sure that the economic embargo had nothing to do with that.


The guys who delievered my LG TROMM frontloading washer and dryer last year swore up and down that they were made in NORTH Korea. Go figure.

John Ise

No brainer really. 1.2 million Cuban Americans, most in swing state Florida, a majority who will mobilize against any candidate who promotes normalization with Cuba.

Not that this makes sense. We fought wars against Vietnam and China, but have normal economic relationships. Cuba’s a relic, but North Korea indeed really is a bad, almost Orwelllian, place. See:

David Esrati
David Esrati

John- thanks for that link, a little too much religion in it-but, I feel like an idiot for not realizing how bad it was in NK.
If we wanted to win the war- it wouldn’t be by dropping bombs- all we’d have to do is drop food.
The policy of the Chinese with NK is criminal, and yet, they have most favored nation status.
Once again- I learn from my readers more than I learn from the Dayton Daily News.

John Ise

North Korea is a morbid fascination of mine. George Orwell’s 1984 did come true. If you have an hour of time, see an old BBC documentary (now on YouTube) that’ll leave you riveted: