Why advertising politics is bad- and why blogging it is good.

Just read this in “Confessions of an ad man” by the real Dead David Ogilvy- “The use of advertising to sell statesmen is the ultimate vulgarity”

That’s why I’m not trying to raise a million bucks to run ads in major media. That’s why I’ve had a site for years- with my thoughts and ideas. That’s why I say “there are no perfect candidates” in our imperfect system. And, because, I hope there is more to our elections than soundbites and snappy videos (although, I think mine are all worthy of your time).

So, an Obama supporter puts out this amazing, inspiring, charismatic video that makes you feel awesome- and then some other Obama supporter does a cheeky knock-off to slam McCain. And while it’s all fun and games- it’s not how I want you to decide on who to vote for.

and the McCain mix:

Imagine an election without this kind of emotional manipulation, one based on ideas, credibility, responsibility, accountability and that didn’t cost 2 billion dollars.

Wouldn’t it just be cheaper to pay for the campaigns, the media time, and kick the lobbyists out of the halls of our government.

If this is what my profession is adding to politics, David Ogilvy was right. It’s vulgar and it’s not helping.

[UPDATE] Juan sent me this “Hillary for you and me” video- which has comments disabled on YouTube-  if you ever questioned how marketing can go terribly wrong- from the “Hilfiger” like “Hillary” logo- to the music- to the message, watch this:

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