Who to vote for: Dayton Public School Board- and why

This post is late. Mostly because I’ve been trying to get a crazy dangerous lawyer locked up before he shoots someone- and because I have to respond to a Federal Court motion trying to pretend that the FBI and the DOJ aren’t two parts of the same doughnut. More on those- and the outrageous miscarriage of justice concerning a paraplegic stopped for a minor traffic violation- who was forcibly removed from his vehicle by cops who should have been fired by now.

But- for today: What voters need to do to fix Dayton Public Schools.

There are three candidates certified on the ballot- for four seats. There are 4 write ins. You are going to have to all vote for one on the ballot- and three write ins. And when I say all of you will have to work to make this work- I mean it.

First- you need to go over to my 501(c)4 site- www.reconstructingdayton.org and read this post: Mysterious Meetings for Mysterious Contracts

It’s a well documented story of how Mohamed Al-Hamdani broke the Ohio Sunshine laws (again) to hire his friends and family through a contract illegally. Who’s Mohamed’s best friend? Nan Whaley- and who works for Shared Resource Center? Nan’s hubby- Sam Braun. The School Treasurer, Hiwot Abraha clearly said we don’t need them. But, Mohamed will need a job when he’s done being on School Board- so he’s making sure he can get one later. If you’ve never heard of SRC- don’t worry- they, and the organization they are a part of- the Montgomery County Educational Service Center are both operating illegally- and squandering millions of your tax dollars.

This leads us to 2 of our current board members- one on the ballot, and one who “failed” to get her petitions certified. I’m going to explain why both of them shouldn’t get re-elected. Jocelyn Rhynard is on the ballot- and Karen Wick Gagnet- is asking to be written in. Karen and Jocelyn had a fund raiser sponsored by Nan Whaley tonight- at Karen’s restaurant Coco’s on Warren Street. Both of them took part in hiring SRC  in an illegal secret meeting- and voted to spend your money without so much as telling any of us what it was for. If Ohio Sunshine laws weren’t a joke- all seven board members would be removed from office for this.
But- beyond that- these two women elected William Harris, a total idiot, to be the board president – out of the gate- over picking a veteran school board member like John McManus. The reason they did this- is because he is Black- and they were told to do it. See this  post and video:Apparently, skin color is still how we judge people
They allowed Mohamed to run an illegal school closure task force- even before he was sworn in. DPS: Special meetings are to avoid scrutiny
They sat there like morons- while a woman gave a presentation of how to spend $400K for consultants- with slides that still had lorem ipsum text: Why there is no hope for Dayton Public Schools

They allowed Rhonda Corr run David Lawrence out of the district, then fired her, and made an even worse move in hiring Libbi Lolli- and then kept her, even giving her raises. That she hasn’t been fired, or jailed, for her incompetence that borders on criminal is unbelievable.

We don’t need more of Jocelyn or Karen.

As to Joe Lacey, we already fired him once, said no to him again- and yet he comes back. Here’s a video you need to watch before voting for Joe: Bullies on the Dayton Board of Education
and realize, he was the best buddy of Dr. Adil Baguirov- who, well, broke so many laws, including the one key one- not living in the district-International Man of Mystery: Adil Baguirov
No Joe, not this time, not ever.

So that leaves you with one candidate on the ballot: Chrisondra Goodwine she even has a website. She’s an attorney, and I’ll even excuse the fact that she worked at the Dayton HRC- which is where the criminal Roshawn Winburn accepted bags of cash to steer contracts. She got on the ballot- and she can’t be worse than the other two who are on it.

As to the remaining three who you will have to write in, none are professional politicians or internet saavy. They need you to write their names in.

  • Ronnee Tingle see her FB page- “The Real Mom’s Running for Dayton School Board” where she and Goodwine are running together. I’ve been friends on FB with Ronnee for a long time- and have appreciated her commitment to getting the best out of DPS for her kids.
  • Eugene Jackson- I can’t find a link to anything for him. The DDn had him as “a retired DPS teacher and YMCA director”- again, anyone is better than Rhynard, Lacey or Wick Gagnet at this point.
  • Ken Hayes – has a site, Ken’s Comp blog where you can find out more. He’s been endorsed by the incompetent Dayton Education Association– who don’t have their endorsements posted. I won’t hold that against him.

You really need to tell all your friends- vote for Goodwine, and write in Ronnee Tingle, Eugene Jackson and Ken Hayes, or you can forget it.

Reality is, write in’s have a very slim chance of beating anyone on the ballot- and there is a good chance that only one of them gets elected.

Rhynard and Lacey are far from stupid- but, they also seem to have zero interest in adhering to the law, respecting the voters, or making good decisions. So, at this point, you better hope that the three remaining school board members, Dr. Pickett, Mr. Sampson and the Rapper known as “N-Word Man” get their act together.

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write In Ronnee Tingle for Board of Education

Write in Ronnee Tingle!

I love your approach and I appreciate your investigations and the time and efforts put in to making information informative and interesting! I see through the funny stuff and get to the jest of the real information at hand! You have kept the community informed and I am glad I stepped up! I started my co-owned construction company officially this year and I got married to my high school sweetheart Coach Faz and my 4.2GPA Honors College son Graduated out of DPS, 3 down 3 to go! I coached a winning season in middle school track and now I’m running for Dayton Public School board! Oh not to mention all of my travel time spent transporting my children back and forth to school when transportation is included in the budget of every child! I can’t wait to get on this School board! All of our children and our community will be better for it!

Write me in Ronnee Tingle! I will ask the questions! And vote in the interest of our children and our community! Communication and Accountability will be my focus. Thank you David!

Jerrilyn Scott


Jerrilyn Scott

Mr. Jackson was an amazing teacher . He cared about his students. And a great person. He would be perfect.

Pat F

My God, David and so many in dirty Dayton what are trying to achieve? Who would even want to be on school board? What do they even do? You can’t educate a herd of welfare dirty butt white trash, black trash and poorly bred 3rd world trash to do anything but suck. Dayton is a disaster zone of a failing country and you are to dweeb that I guess feels some sort of importance or ego from running your mouth and achieving nothing. You have achieved nothing. Be on the school board jackass and show us how you suck even worse than Joe Lacey/.


Remember that time you thought 1 teacher could handle hundreds of students with virtual education? Lol


You must think IEPs and 504s will magically take care of themselves too? Maybe the magic online school fairy will contact the parents every day to get the kids to turn in missing work.

I think you’re stuck in the 50s with your notion of what kids need. They need a little more than a book, deadline, and phone number to call if they have questions. Especially kids in a socioeconomically challenging environment.

Look dude, I know it’s easy to take shots and troll candidates. I do it all the time too. If you think you have perfect, non-asymmetrical info on DPS (and the field of education in general) then perhaps you need to have your head examined as well.

This blog is alright when it’s not the same 5 stories repackaged over and over again.

David Jones

Remember that time you created a school and talked about how amazing it was going to be, and all it had to get was 5000 likes on Facebook and then you would announce the staff?

It was something dumb like this.

It was back when you were going to all those school board meetings and clearly didn’t like them so you just decided to claim you made a school.

As with all things esrati nothing materialized.

To think people actually trust you to market and advertise their businesses lol!!!


I remember that nugget.

David, it’s ok to be in over your head with regard to education. You don’t need to have all the answers every single time. Really, it’s ok. No one cares if you just say “I don’t know.” When you spew BS and nonsense, then it lowers your credibility lower than it already is. And I don’t want to start a blog. Been there, done that back in the 00’s, and no time for that now. This is more fun.

Quantity of posts and likes doesn’t equate to being correct. After all, Facebook is a thing, and we all know who has the biggest megaphone there.


If you believe goodwine is the best candidate on the ballot, we have issues. You should look into why she was fired from the city a few weeks ago.

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