No qualifications needed to be on Dayton Public School Board

I’m going to post this video of Dayton Public School Board Vice President Will Smith.

I’m not going to comment. I’m not going to transcribe. This was posted to Facebook Aug 7 at 6:21 PM by “Dexter Clay Morris”- “Lmao I’ve always been Will Smith Hype Man  Bruh get me hype tho. Got a very rare freestyle last night from THE NOV

I’m not even uploading it to my Youtube channel- because, well- it’s not ok for children.

I would expect him to resign by the end of Tuesday August 10, 2021. Our district, our children, deserve better.

But, after the last few times I exposed school board members acting badly- nothing happens. Difference here- this is a Black man, not a Turkish PhD or a white Dem Party insider.

WIll is in the red jersey sporting number 32- which must stand for his IQ.

Feel free to leave your own transcription in comments.

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