We voted against her, before we voted for her…

The Montgomery County Democratic Party reversed itself tonight by endorsing Jane Mitakides in the primary for OH-3. Even though she still doesn’t have a website up, almost 20 days after the filing deadline, and they rejected her on the party floor when I called for an endorsement, they still believe Mitakides is their best bet to take on Mike Turner in November.

Before the vote to accept the screening committee recommendation, Gary Staiger of Left of Dayton, asked why the screening had to be done in secret. I followed, saying that I didn’t think there was a question asked that couldn’t be answered in public. Why 40 people of the screening committee get to chose who runs and who doesn’t in Montgomery County (note, OH-3 also includes all of Highland, Clinton and part of Warren Counties) still amazes me (Vice Chair, Tom Ritchie of AFSCME asked if I wasn’t endorsed would I drop out- it’s one of the questions they think defines your suitability to run).

I respect Jane, and wish her well, however I don’t get a feeling that she has the pulse of the voters in this district. She had to hire an expensive Washington pollster to tell her if she could win, and is busy interviewing a full time staffer to help her buy her way through the primary.

Just to recap, I’ve had an active site for over 3 years with field forward thinking on economic issues facing the area. I’ve been raising funds for a month already. I’ve produced 2 youtube videos, a postcard, a flyer, and a ton of ideas for how to change not only how we pick our candidates, but have showcased the next generation way to represent the people by keeping you informed here.

Spread the word. I’m even more energized by being the underdog taking on the back-room politicking that’s gotten us into this mess.

And to the pompous sycophant that stood up and told the whole room that he liked the way the Democratic Party holds secret meetings to pick their politicians and that it’s worked for years: I restate my answer to your comment: If it really worked, Mike Turner wouldn’t have been Mayor, or moved on to Congress.

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