The Price of Democracy – Can We Afford It? : DaytonOS

Interesting post by Stan Hirtle on my Priceless ad: Houses of “representatives”? Esrati produces 2nd YouTube spot- priceless

I’ve grabbed the first section- go read the rest…

The Price of Democracy – Can We Afford It? : DaytonOS
You have to enjoy the You Tube campaign commercial that OS regular David Esrati posted here, doing a riff on the Mastercard “priceless” commercials, with a well chosen musical background. Whatever anyone thinks of his candidacy and his chances of winning a run for Congress against Mike Turner in the presently configured district, he does have a point. Any office higher than perhaps a City Commission or some county positions does seem to require an exceptional level of affluence. The citizen legislator, who comes out of an ordinary job because of desire to serve the community, and then goes back to it as opposed to being a lobbyist or something similar, is something that rarely if ever exists at higher levels today.

If you agree with the idea of the Citizen Legislator, I urge you to direct your friends to watch the spots- and investigate the site.

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