Watching the debate: how practiced are the lines?

First off- calling these events “debates” is almost as much of a misnomer as calling our current system of auctioning off public office to the highest bidder an election :-)

To me, these moderator run talks are more like a game show, than a real discussion of issues. Every answer is couched in such a way to say as little as possible, without pushing real solutions- many generalizations, few specifics. It’s soundbite politics, and I’m waiting for a full length feature film.

Every once in a while I hear something that sounds real- like when Senator Obama admits that his position on Terri Schiavo wasn’t what it should have been.

However, I’m not interested in electing actors. The similarities in wording between answers last night’s speech by Senator Obama at Wright State in Dayton, and the answers in the debate- are sometimes almost word for word. It is one thing, I’d fail miserably at. I can’t remember my lines, deliver the same speech over and over, or sound so smooth. I’d find it incredibly boring to live life like that. I once remember hearing Billy Joel saying, he loves playing “Piano Man” for the response of the audience, but he’s so sick of playing the same song, the same way for 20 years.

The problems that our country faces aren’t so few, with such simple answers. It’s not about “staying on message”- it’s about coming up with different ideas, different answers and original thinking. We need new ways of representing our people- where we are constantly in touch, exchanging ideas and finding new answers from different sources.

That’s why I believe that the Internet, and web 2.0 offers a real opportunity to change the way that our elected representatives can actually do more representing and less politicking.

What do you think? Please take some time- and investigate many of my ideas on this site. Do a search on things that concern you- look at some of the categories on the right hand side. Find something you agree or disagree with- and let me know.

That’s the kind of conversation I hope to have- not a polished line delivered on cue.

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Drexel Dave

There’s no business like show business.

Perhaps a better solution for this is mass education on show business techniques and practices?

N-Synch also sold more records than The Ass Ponys. Does that make them better? Hell no. But it is what it is.


I agree with you David, the lines in the debate were very similar to the speech. I don’t know what I expected in Obama’s speech on Monday but he really stayed on message and played it super safe.


Is this what we can expect from our next President? Maybe they will have a canned speech that can solve the national health care problem, or the credit card companies that are taking advantage of the middle class and making them poor. Think a memorized line will fend off the next terrorist attack, or solve the Mexican invasion? It took me 25 years to see that most of our elected officials are in it for themselves and a few close friends.
I have a book in my library, ”Life Scripts, What to Say to Get What You Want in Life’s Toughest Situations” and I see that most of the current candidates have read it also. If that’s the case, how much “Change” can we really expect in Washington? You are right, David, the problems we face today do not have simple answers that can be found in a seminar book or script.

I’m glad you can’t memorize your lines. Just remember to continue to speak from your heart.