Connect the dots: Dayton Development Coalition Board- hire your own, no-bid

Well, finding the link to the DDC board took some help, and here is the link to the 2007 version:

Dayton Development Coalition
2007 Board of Trustees

But, I couldn’t find the 2006 trustees- so I called and didn’t get a call back.

I was able to verify that the 2005 trustees had one person in particular who I was interested in: Beverly Shillito, on the current SS+D law site she says:

Sebaly Shillito + Dyer: A Legal Professional Association
Bev is active in the greater-Dayton community and serves on a number of business boards. She is a Trustee of the Dayton Development Coalition and the Co-Chair of the Coalition’s New Business Development Committee.

And there is a PDF of a presentation that lists her on the Executive Committee.

She also signed the defense letter of the DDC hiring Lori Turner’s firm: The Turner Effect.

So why is it important that Bev Shillito is on the board? Well, Bev is co-owner of the firm that The Turner Effect subcontracted to do much of the “Get Midwest” campaign for the DDC: Real Art.

That’s the no-bid contract that spent $750,000 on a universally panned campaign, by Congressman Turner’s wife.

That she is the co-owner was in the Mar 08 issue of DaytonB2B, page 19 in a piece about Real Art.

Here is another article in the DBJ:

City to revamp economic development efforts in response to study – Dayton Business Journal:
Several community leaders accompanied the city leaders in support, including Montgomery County Commissioner Deborah Lieberman; J.P. Nauseef, chief executive officer of the Dayton Development Coalition; Beverly Shillito, stakeholder at Sebaly Shillito and Dyer and a board member of the coalition; as well as Deborah Feldman, Montgomery County Administrator.

It’s nice work if you can get it. Next up, I’m tracking down how much money Montgomery County gave the DDC and for what.

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