Barack Obama’s speech at the Nutter Center- podcast from the floor

Barack Obama at the Nutter Center in Dayton OH 25 Feb 2008

I was on the floor, maybe 30 feet from the Senator- Wright State University- Nutter Center, I had my Olmpus WS-300M hanging in my name badge on my chest- it sounds like you are in a fishbowl- but, that’s what the Nutter Center sounds like. Every seat was filled, there were people 10 deep on the party decks by Gates 3 and 6- half the floor was used by the press- but it still had to be real close to a capacity crowd of 10,000+

I’d love to transcribe the speech- but no time now, thought I’d throw it up for all of you to download for your commute to work tomorrow. If I wasn’t listening to the Next President of the United States, I’ll be amazed. Yes, he gives a great speech- and he says the right things- but he also admits, he won’t always tell us what we want to hear, there are still huge obstacles to overcome.

I don’t think there is anything wrong in believing in this man- we’ve needed someone to bring this country back together. Ever since 2000, I’m sick of hearing red/blue- I’m an American, and we used to be Red, White and Blue- all of us, together. I believe.


And, yes, that was me in the parking lot “I’m running for Congress, Need something to read while you’re waiting!” Hope a bunch of you did read- came here, and are believers too now.


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