Time for a housecleaning at Montgomery County Democratic Party

Take one look at the election results for Montgomery County- and ask, was this a well organized, motivated effort by the party to elect credible candidates? Or a keep-our-Monarchy-intact?

Even with consolidation of power by reducing the number of precincts- they couldn’t find candidates, or support them properly. Still no countywide democratic database for candidates to use. No organization of precinct captains- and then the slate card that left off the federal offices.

Mark Owens, Karl Keith, Nan Whaley and Rhine McLin have done a fine job of breaking a once-powerful machine. How much longer will the unions continue to support an organization that can’t deliver winners?

Never mind the brouhaha that’s been kept under wraps at the Board of Elections, where a Democratic Temporary worker was fired after it was discovered he’d served time on a felony. Of course, having a sister who is Steve Harsman’s right hand helps you get the job. Never mind the fact that none of the Dems who were employed had filled out job applications. The Board members are pretty upset- but, have been doing their best to keep things under wraps until AFTER the election (you’re welcome).

Maybe Owens can hand over his gavel to Joe Roberts- who despite having zero money, did as well as Jane Mitakides in her two runs against Turner. Roberts can’t screw things up any worse than where Owens has taken the party- and he needs a job.

However, Ted Strickland is probably responsible for his own loss here- only a moron would hire Rhine McLin to be his point person in a county where she lost an election despite at least a 5-1 cash advantage along with the power of incumbency. I go to sleep hoping for a miracle that saves us from Wall Street Casino player Kasich.

Losing elections is never fun- but, losing so many- is a call for change.

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