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Time for a housecleaning at Montgomery County Democratic Party

Take one look at the election results for Montgomery County- and ask, was this a well organized, motivated effort by the party to elect credible candidates? Or a keep-our-Monarchy-intact?

Even with consolidation of power by reducing the number of precincts- they couldn’t find candidates, or support them properly. Still no countywide democratic database for candidates to use. No organization of precinct captains- and then the slate card that left off the federal offices.

Mark Owens, Karl Keith, Nan Whaley and Rhine McLin have done a fine job of breaking a once-powerful machine. How much longer will the unions continue to support an organization that can’t deliver winners?

Never mind the brouhaha that’s been kept under wraps at the Board of Elections, where a Democratic Temporary worker was fired after it was discovered he’d served time on a felony. Of course, having a sister who is Steve Harsman’s right hand helps you get the job. Never mind the fact that none of the Dems who were employed had filled out job applications. The Board members are pretty upset- but, have been doing their best to keep things under wraps until AFTER the election (you’re welcome).

Maybe Owens can hand over his gavel to Joe Roberts- who despite having zero money, did as well as Jane Mitakides in her two runs against Turner. Roberts can’t screw things up any worse than where Owens has taken the party- and he needs a job.

However, Ted Strickland is probably responsible for his own loss here- only a moron would hire Rhine McLin to be his point person in a county where she lost an election despite at least a 5-1 cash advantage along with the power of incumbency. I go to sleep hoping for a miracle that saves us from Wall Street Casino player Kasich.

Losing elections is never fun- but, losing so many- is a call for change.

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Greg Hunter

Cmon David it justs proves America is filled with the stupid which results in the stupid being elected. This batch will blame Obama but nothing will change except to get worse as stupidity is a barrier to solving real problems. Dayton is great for predicting the future of the American enterprise FAILURE.

So enjoy your family and friends while the fascists roll in….

Elle Sparks

The local and national elections just go to show the sheep are wiser than their keepers, or at least they think they are.  American’s forget so quickly just how we got into the economic mess we are in.  American’s forget that it is due to the BUSH administration that most of today’s problems were created. It is time for both local and national Democrats to put the burden of proof onto the backs of the Republicans.  Let’s see what they can get done in 2 years.  It is going to be an interesting ride.



Can you provide your definition of “fascist”?

Greg Hunter

Fascism – An authoritarian government headed by corporate lackies that work against the people’s interest while enhancing corporations.  They appear to be democratic but in fact are working in the best interests of the corporations that have purchased the vote.   In America there is no need to subvert the press as corporations own it.  The revolving door of wall street to the levers of government is merely a better cover for wall street than a single dictator.  Obama is a carmel George Bush.  However in saying that one has to remember that the current entrance of the new fascists (groupthink republicans – Boehner, Kasich, Turner, Dewine, Husted, Lehner….) will march us lock step into blaming the OTHER for problems when we ignored Carter and embraced St. Ronnie the Wrong.  Obama’s Fate is in the balance.  He either crushes wall street or he is out.

[Hoover] was probably one of the best qualified people who ever ran for president in the United States, but had the misfortune to win by a landslide in 1928 and preside over a depression about which he could do absolutely nothing. [..] He went down in history as an abject failure and there are lessons this president (Obama) probably should have learned before he ran. The two [candidates] that ran the last time were competing for the poison chalice. 

And, unfortunately for racial harmony in this country, Mr. Obama won, and as much I like him considerably more than the alternative, I still think [..] there are dangers to putting him in the Oval Office when America did because I think when someone goes down in flames, I can see that inflaming considerable amounts of tension and I think that’s very, very unfortunate for the country as a whole.

Nationalism and blaming a black man will go down well in OHIO and complete the fascist state if we take the blame game, which appears to be the case.


I’m waiting to see how the results for county commissioner and auditor turn out… They’re apparently running really close and are waiting on provisional and paper ballots. Can the board of elections be trusted ?


Ohhh….it’s THAT definition of fascism.  So when Obama uses the force of government to prop up a car company or green energy its not fascism…  Got it.   Now who is “the OTHER”?

Drexel Dave Sparks

There is no time to weep. There is no time to wait.
Vote Sparks in 2012

pizzabill (Bill Daniels)

I enjoyed your video, but forget Congress in 2012– you’re overlooking a possible dream ticket:  what about David & David in 2012!

Drexel Dave Sparks

Davids vs. Goliaths.

Greg Hunter

Mr. Bush started the bailouts and I indicated that it matters not who might be the figurehead.  Corporations run the government for their benefit not the people.  Caresource to GM to BP to ADM to Lehman Brothers.  If you think we have a say in the vote look again.  Meet the new boss same as the old boss.


David & David 2012…I like it.  It has a good beat, but can you dance to it?  It already has a prepackaged classic 80’s theme song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FzQmXIGlRbQ

Complete with 80’s angst.


Greg…the bailouts started long before Bush.  Just in my lifetime off the top of my head Penn Railroad, Lockheed and Chrysler in the 70’s occurred in the 70’s…
You say that it does not matter who the figure head is while always citing a Republican as the figurehead.  Just saying. 

Curious suzie

Yeah I heard the guy was a registered sex offender. That is absolutely a big nasty mess for Steve harshman. He’s got a lot of questions to answer. Whoever the lady is… She needs to be fired!


I think Greg Hunter’s definition of fascism is terrific and wish you could over-ride your rejection of it.

Robert Vigh

Greg’s definition of Fascism may be ok, it is his application that is wrong. Best defense against Fascism is freedom. Corporations influence politicians because they can. What I mean by that is we have empowered politicians to be able to circumvent the constitution and make votes on all sorts of topics that should never even be up for a vote. It is the corruption of our natural rights via the state and government which has given rise to pretty much all ill-conceived government idealogies running contrary to liberty. So many individuals think that government could be this perfect entity, if only we could find angels who would be the ones elected and choose to be public servants. Well, I have news, that is never going to happen and basing the premise of government idealogy on perfect people is insane.

Once the degradation of the constitution and consequently an assualt on the liberty of the individual began, it is only going to push forward. For those people that think entitlement programs of social security, medicare, medicaid and the new public health care exist without a forced sacrifice to liberty are woefully ignorant. (there are certainly other topics that infringe upon us) The overall point to be made is that you either support freedom or you do not. Once the door was cracked and we began to discuss degrees of freedom instead of free and not free, all bets are off and we better start looking for angels.

This is why it is a funny statement to hear coming from Greg. On several topics he has supported the use of government to force people to act a certain way. Thank you for continuing to help hold the door open and then complaining that “fascists” come through it.

Ice Bandit

Audio engineers agree: the three most aggravating and annoying sounds are fingernails across a blackboard, static in a headset and the shrill and incessant whining of Democrats who have had their asses handed back to them. While the liberal punditocracy was assuring us just two years ago that the election of the Great Helmsman was ushering in a era of Democratic ascendency in terms not unlike Germans used to describe the Thousand Year Reich, today these same wordsmiths are too slobberknockered by Tuesday’s shock and awe to deliver even one rational analysis. Marty Gottlieb does his best BB King impersonation in lamenting the fate of soon-t0-be-bum-rushed attorney general Richard Cordray. The racist Leonard Pitts whines that an ungrateful electorate does not appreciate all that the Great Helmsman and his Democrat henchmen have done for them. Greg Hunter opines that Americans are just too racist and stupid to know what’s good for them. But the Gold Medal winner in the category of Democrat Disconnect is David Esrati, who thinks that precinct captains, databases and a snazzier slate sheet may have turned the tide, which is akin to thinking that different deck furniture and a new social director may have spared the Titanic. Fact is, dear David, though we have debated whether  Tuesday was “Dejection Day” (your words) or “Ejection Day” (for the hapless Democrats) it was also “Rejection Day.” For the electorate rejected the Democrats’  Bolshevism, fiscal mismanagement and ineptitude, personality cult, crack-ho with a stolen Mastercard spending, and cavalier attitude towards the freedom of it’s constituents. And that’s just for starters…….

PS- Greg. Your definition of fascism puts the cart in front of the horse. Fascists governments tolerate and champion businesses that facilitate the state, not vice-versa. Hitler could have had Krupp shot while the reverse wasn’t possible……..

Greg Hunter

Mr. Vigh

I accept your challenge! Let’s agree to fight for the 2nd amendment! Foresaking all other arguments save this one.