Throw a concert in Dayton?

One of the keys to regional cooperation is the ability to find resources quickly- it’s one of the keys to the new County Sport Tourism authority. When I look at my stats on this site, I realize that part of my value isn’t just political entertainment for the die hard readers- but for the casual person looking for something to do, or places to eat in Dayton. So, here is another fine resource for people planning a concert- or event needing a stage. It’s not complete- but maybe, after a few comments, we can have a great resource by working together.

The Dayton Daily started this idea with their article about the new Centerville theater:

Theater complex caps arts expansion in school system
Where besides downtown Dayton in Montgomery County can you find a theater with at least 1,200 seats, a proscenium stage, solid acoustics and a good selection of amenities?

As of Dec. 17’s community holiday concert there, you could find one at Centerville High School…

As fully equipped theaters in the area go, it’s far from little. With 900 seats on the main floor and 300 in a balcony it has more capacity than the Victoria Theatre in downtown Dayton. Only the Schuster Center, with 2,300 seats, is bigger. For concerts, the 4,400-seat Trent Arena in Kettering is also larger.

Organizations looking to rent a formal theater of more than 900 seats outside downtown often had to look to the northern edge of the county and Northmont High School’s 1,160-seat auditorium.

“We will be able to host community events, concerts and recitals here,”…

With Memorial Hall still in mothballs, other options also include:

  • Convention Center theater with 700 seats
  • The Dayton Art Institute theater with 500 seats
  • The Masonic Temple with 1200 seats
  • UD’s Boll Theater with 369 seats
  • WSU Festival playhouse with 376 seats
  • Sinclair Blair Hall with 459 seats
  • LaComedia dinner theater ? seating.
  • Stivers High School theater will be coming online soon (as soon as they get the scissor lift out that they built in by accident :-)

I’m sure there are a few other stages, including Gilly’s downtown which seats around 200, the Loft Theater with another 200 or so, and the Dayton Playhouse.

The Convention and visitors bureau has a list of meeting facilities that I ran across here: but I couldn’t find a list of performing arts theaters anywhere. Hopefully this is a good starting point for anyone wanting to throw a concert, dance performance or play on a stage in the Dayton area.

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