Gotta love “Speak Up” in the Dayton Daily News

“Re: Longtime Dayton activist Esrati to run for Congress,” Dec 15, I’m a lifelong Democrat, and David Esrati would be the absolute last person I would vote for in any election. He would be a total embarrassment. Is he just trying to get more publicity for himself?”

And, of course, since it’s “Speak Up” it’s unsigned.

My response to the gutless wonder: Be glad you will for the first time, have your Constitutionally guaranteed right to choose who you want to run for Congress as a Democrat. The decision will not be made by 48 people in a locked room on the second floor of the Montgomery County Democratic Party (even though the district involves multiple counties- thanks to Ohio’s decreased population and gerrymandering).

As to “Lifelong Democrats” – I seem to remember, a whole bunch of them voting for Mike Turner over both Richard Clay Dixon and Anthony Capizzi- to elect a Republican Mayor. So, what exactly does it mean to be a “lifelong Democrat” in Dayton?

The real embarrassment is the Democratic Party in Dayton Ohio- which insists on letting important decisions to be made behind closed doors- the same kind of behavior I protested when Mike Turner did it to eliminate citizen participation from City Commission meetings.

I won that battle, 5 times in the courts over Mike Turner. I will win in November as well.
It’s time ideas triumph over route ideology. Being a “Democrat” needs to mean we actually believe in Democracy. I say, I’m going to let the people decide.

If any of you that get why I’m running feel so inclined- don’t call the spineless Speak Up: write a letter to the DDN:

To send a letter to the editor

Include your full name and a daytime telephone number. Keep your submissions to 200 words or fewer. To publish as many letters as possible, they may be edited. No attachments, please.

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The “total embarssement” is not Esrati but the relentless negativity about anything or anyone progressive or forward-thinking coming from the anonymous squelchers posting on those “what do you think” or “speak up” areas at the DDN.

“As to “Lifelong Democrats” – I seem to remember, a whole bunch of them voting for Mike Turner over both Richard Clay Dixon and Anthony Capizzi””

Capizzi could have been an excellent mayor, but maybe for his hometown of Rochester NY. He didn’t really fit the local culture: too outside-the-box and too liberal.

David, Wow! It is a season of miracles because I’m going to agree with you here!! Well, kind of agree with you anyway ;) I do agree that it was spineless to have that comment appear in the paper, but I think a lot of the spineless blame goes to the DDN staff. I would think that they get a lot of mindless morons calling into that Speak-Up line and leaving all sorts of inane comments. But, it’s the DDN that decides what to print. This was their way of getting in a jab at you without having to take any real blame for it. I do have a question for you though. In this post you say that “I will win in November as well.” Does that mean that you honestly think that you have a hell-bound snowball’s chance of winning the primary and then the general election against “our friend, Mike”? If so, this seems to be a departure from what you wrote on 12/16 in “response 27” to “Announcing Esrati for Congress.” In that response you say “It’s highly unlikely I’ll be running after the primary anyway.” So, which is it? I’m not trying to be a horse’s ass by bringing this up, although I would like an answer. I bring it up to make a point to you – Watch what you write on this website as it might come back to haunt you. I know that you were being honest in that response, but you still need to choose your words carefully. Any one of your opponents in this election (Jane or Mike) can use anything on this site to throw back in your face. So, just be careful and don’t be your own worst enemy. Just some friendly advice from a non-Democrat. ;) Oh, one other thing. You won’t be running against me in the General this time. I’ve decided that, although it turns my stomach to vote for Turner (actually, last election I just didn’t vote for a congressman because I couldn’t stomach either one of them), I won’t run against him until… Read more »

Esrati, you should give up on politics because you don’t have what it takes. You not only go completely against what at least half of the 3rd district believes in, you also tend to piss off the people that might even agree with many of the things you say. Your “I’m right and everybody else is wrong” message wins you few friends – something you need before having even a chance at winning any kind of election, let alone U.S. Congress.

I strongly suggest that anybody considering making a donation to the Esrati campaign think twice. When he loses yet another attempt at getting elected for something, he will likely say that the whole thing was a stunt to “get people to think” and that he never really thought he had a chance. Which would be an insult to anybody donating their hard-earned money to his cause. In fact, I think Esrati has already said something about not believing he’d even win the primary. Well if you don’t think you’ll win then why bother?

David Esrati has few friends in this town, and people only pay attention to his rant-of-the-day because it is entertaining. In the same way that watching the latest Britney/Paris/Lindsey train wreck on Inside Edition is entertaining. And at the end of the day when he does get his ass handed to him in this latest pathetic attempt at winning an election, he’ll blame it all on “the machine”. Yes, while real leaders always look at themselves and what they did wrong when they fail, Esrati will undoubtedly blame everybody else. Esrati is no leader.

Esrati, for somebody who is always claiming that people “just don’t get it”, you should probably try looking in the mirror. Go ahead and retort with your typical complaint about my not signing my name to this comment. Because when it comes to how things work on the Internet (and things like personality and charisma), you are the person who “doesn’t get it”.


I have always thought the “speak up” thing was complete crap – hell, it goes to one guys phone which he gets to pick-n-choose, or better yet make stuff up.

I think we all know Mr. Esrati has zero chance at winning this election – mayor would be a better way to go for him. But believe it or not I am still considering him a somewhat valid candidate who I might even vote for.

David Esrati
David Esrati

After I looked at the “sites” for my opponents, including Turner- and thought about my strategy- it doesn’t look like such a long shot.
A lot will depend on technology- and who has the guts to endorse me.
I think some of you might be surprised who steps forward.
When I look at Mike Turners $750,000- yep, it seems impossible. But when I research his voting record- and realize that he got beat by Rhine McLin- well, anything is possible.
As to the unsigned – leaving negative comments, well, that’s just par for the course around here. Considering I’m willing to leave your snot on this site, says more about my character than yours.

David, Once again I wish you luck. But, the reality is – It’s a long shot!! First of all, most of your potential constituancy doesn’t care about how technically savvy you are or the fact that you think the i-phone is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Most of them have no idea how to leverage the technology that they own and don’t really care about yours. I would guess that more than 50% of the people in this district aren’t going to bother to even look at any candidate’s website, let alone take the time to come back to yours day after day to check on your latest update to the issues. Second, although “JuanForPresident” was somewhat harsh in his delivery, he is correct on most points, including that you are a polarizing character who tends to put off a lot of people. You’re opinionated and obstinate and lack the tact that is required to win people over. That attitude comes across even on this website, even as you’re running for congress. Just take a look at the last paragraph of the post above as that’s illustrative of my point. “You were mean to me, but I have better character than you!” Kind of sounds like a three year old. Without that paragraph you sound like you’ve analyzed the situation and are acting accordingly. With that paragraph you are sounding combative and petty. Remember, “likeability” is going to win. Third – you are so fixated on “Mike Turner’s Record” and the fact that he’s voted with GWB on most issues. To that I say, BFD!! Turner is a member of the Republican party as is GWB (although I would maintain they are both RINO’s) so wouldn’t be expected that Turner would vote, for the most part, along party lines? I mean if a Dem gets elected President this time, wouldn’t you expect most of the Dems in congress to vote along whatever that President wants? And, don’t forget that this district is highly gerrymandered to favor the Republicans. Fourth – So Turner was beat by Rhine McLin for mayor… Read more »
David Esrati
David Esrati

Great pessimistic outlook.
1) I believe this may be the year that opinion leaders DO their research on candidates online- and there, will find forward thinking ideas and a platform they feel is more inline with their best interests.
2) So, we’re running a popularity contest? If that’s the way we choose our leaders, we are doomed.
3) Considering the wild swing to the left of the last election, and the credit mess, the war, I think Mike Turners record is relevant- because I DON’T think this is a popularity contest.
4) Turner can be beat. Even by a woman who can’t speak publicly, or give a speech.
5) I believe there are people who don’t think I’m a kook. For years, I’ve heard people from OUTSIDE of Dayton proper- telling me that they support me- open meetings, and that they “got” the mask thing. I don’t think anyone really wants to delve into who is the champion of public meetings and open government- Turner loses that argument instantly, and the other two Dem’s have been involved in a party that picks candidates in a back room.
6) I’ve never run in a partisan race, with a “Democrat” label either. I only accepted money in my fourth run- everything else was self funded. Look at how many times Lincoln lost.
At some point- the disenfranchised and the downtrodden need a voice.
Maybe it’s my time- maybe it’s not- but, the reality is- this will be the last time the Democratic party picks candidates in secret if I have my way.

ROFLMAO!! David, you really really don’t get it do you!? First of all, I am not a pessimist. Quite frankly I am the epitomy of optimism. If I wasn’t, I would have convinced myself long ago that I’m one of the downtrodden and disenfranchised that you think need your voice. I am a realist though and the reality (which is the same word I used above) is that you are a long shot (same words used above). But, instead of taking my points as an introspective look at some things you need to focus on if you truly do want to win, you lapse into the typical Esrati mode of defensiveness and “I’ll show you who’s the smartest”. As I’ve said before – you are your own worst enemy! I’m not going to waste too much more time trying to get things through that thick skull of yours, but I will address a couple of your inane points. Re: #2 – Yes, it is a popularity contest and yes, we probably are all doomed. “Likeability” plays a huge part in who you vote for. No one will vote for someone they don’t like even if they may agree with them on some points. Current case in point is Hillary’s new site “”. The ONLY reason for this site is to soften her image and make her more likable. Ditto for Chealsea and her mother appearing with her on the campaign trail. Bill Clinton is a likeable and charming guy which is how he was able to sway much of the country to vote for him. Re #3 – I wouldn’t consider it a “wild swing to the left”. Quite frankly, many conservative and centrist voters have been disgusted with the huge increase in spending – and not just spending on the war. They’re disgusted with the huge pork barrel spending bills passed by congress and signed by the President. If “the left” is all that popular, the Pelosi would be getting more things put through. If she and the other Dem leaders really wanted to stop the war, the could… Read more »
David Esrati
David Esrati

Juan- once again, you don’t know me.
I buy my shirts at Marshalls, TJ Maxx or the outlet mall. Most of the times I’m wearing jeans and t-shirt (I’m in advertising).
Yes, I have an iPhone. But, I’m an Apple guy. You expect me to be using Windows mobile?
I drive an 85 scooter, a 95 car and a 96 motorcycle- when I drive.
Would you prefer that no-one talks about issues?
And, if you want to see me win the primary, stop poking at me and write a check.