Gotta love “Speak Up” in the Dayton Daily News

“Re: Longtime Dayton activist Esrati to run for Congress,” Dec 15, I’m a lifelong Democrat, and David Esrati would be the absolute last person I would vote for in any election. He would be a total embarrassment. Is he just trying to get more publicity for himself?”

And, of course, since it’s “Speak Up” it’s unsigned.

My response to the gutless wonder: Be glad you will for the first time, have your Constitutionally guaranteed right to choose who you want to run for Congress as a Democrat. The decision will not be made by 48 people in a locked room on the second floor of the Montgomery County Democratic Party (even though the district involves multiple counties- thanks to Ohio’s decreased population and gerrymandering).

As to “Lifelong Democrats” – I seem to remember, a whole bunch of them voting for Mike Turner over both Richard Clay Dixon and Anthony Capizzi- to elect a Republican Mayor. So, what exactly does it mean to be a “lifelong Democrat” in Dayton?

The real embarrassment is the Democratic Party in Dayton Ohio- which insists on letting important decisions to be made behind closed doors- the same kind of behavior I protested when Mike Turner did it to eliminate citizen participation from City Commission meetings.

I won that battle, 5 times in the courts over Mike Turner. I will win in November as well.
It’s time ideas triumph over route ideology. Being a “Democrat” needs to mean we actually believe in Democracy. I say, I’m going to let the people decide.

If any of you that get why I’m running feel so inclined- don’t call the spineless Speak Up: write a letter to the DDN:

To send a letter to the editor

Include your full name and a daytime telephone number. Keep your submissions to 200 words or fewer. To publish as many letters as possible, they may be edited. No attachments, please.

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