Another Dem Candidate for Ohio 3? got borked Christmas eve with an attempted upgrade by an admin who shall remain nameless.

I got this in an e-mail, and assume it would have gone on DaytonOS had it been running.

Exciting news. A potential Democratic congressional candidate, Dr. Mark MacNealy, wants to meet with a Focus Group consisting of Democratic Primary voters.
I’ve reserved the Committee Room at Panera Bread, 1203 Brown St. on December 28, at 7:00 PM. The room holds about 35 people and I’m hoping to find a way to fill it. Would you consider coming to the meeting? Please e-mail me back. (I will be out of town until
Thursday evening.) The room is available at 6:30 PM, and Dr. Mark and I will be there then, so come early, if possible.

Dr. Mark MacNealy is contemplating filing as a candidate in the Democratic primary to seek the Democrats’ endorsement to run as their candidate to be the representative in the 3rd Congressional District to the U.S. Congress. The Democratic candidate will seek to win the seat currently held by Republican Congressman Mike Turner.

I believe Dr. MacNealy would make an excellent candidate. He is articulate, informed, and passionate about the issues important to voters in the 3rd District. As a physician, he is experienced in solving problem and, I believe, voters this election will be attracted to candidates who are committed to identifying problems and finding solutions to those problems. In the 3rd District, in order for a Democrat to win, we must find a way to persuade voters who previously had voted Republican to change their vote. Some of these Republican voters are not persuadable, but, I believe a significant portion of Republican voters this year will be looking for a reason to be persuaded. I think Dr. MacNealy would be a great candidate and would conduct the type of campaign that would attract a lot of previous Republican voters to switch their vote.

Dr. MacNealy is 57 years old and has a specialty in neuology. He has attended law school and if he doesn’t get involved in a campaign, he plans on focusing his time on reviewing his previous law education, and sitting for the bar exam this next summer. He says that he is a computer geek and, I believe Dr. MacNealy earned enough money while a student doing computer work that he paid his own way through college. I first spoke to him at the October Montgomery County Democratic Party Central Committee meeting after he was introduced as the Coroner candidate. At that time, I told him that a person with his background and credentials would be an excellent candidate to run for U.S. Congress and he said that he say the Coroner’s election as a stepping stone to accomplishing just such a goal. He has decided to not pursue the Coroner’s position.

At the Demember meeting of the Central Committee, the Montgomery County Democratic Party , on a vote from the floor, chose not to endorse any candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.
–Mike Bock

So, not only will Democrats have real choices, they may have some made outside Democratic Party HQ’s locked upstairs secret room.

The more the merrier!

Merry Xmas. I’m going to try to be there on Friday night.

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