Thought-provoking tv spot for… a school.

I’ve been talking so much about PR and Dayton Public Schools, and then this TV spot for Kaplan University popped up on my TiVO.

It starts out with a professor saying “I’m here to apologize” and “I’ve failed you”–and talks about how to change the system-

Something like this, should what Dayton Public School’s should consider- but, then move to a complete set of answers to how they are going to change their ways–and their outcomes, to make school cool, to make academic achievement a possibility for all–and to tell a community, that we’re sorry for allowing mediocrity to be acceptable- not only in our schools- but in our community.

The future of Dayton rests with the kids that DPS is teaching now. We can’t afford to fail them.

However, I can guarantee one thing: Kaplan’s ad agency is better than Kaplan.

For-profit education systems aren’t the answer for our country.

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