The first people who should be unemployed are the people who built Ohio’s unemployment site

I’ve never filed for unemployment in my life. Probably because I’ve never been without work for more than 2 weeks. Most politicians probably have never filed for unemployment either (not getting re-elected doesn’t qualify you– I think).

So today, I tried helping someone who is unemployed file for unemployment on the Ohio Unemployment Benefits online site.

Some web developers should be unemployed tomorrow. The site is overly complex, not very user-friendly, and requires too many screens with too many options. There is no “progress bar” to indicate how far you are in the process. The person I was helping had tried to file on the phone and was repeatedly getting stuck by being asked for a pin code– which s/he didn’t have or know. The first thing the site does is issue a “temporary pin code” of 8 digits- and then forces you to log right back in with it- and then tells you the pin code is invalid, create your own 8 digit code. WHY? With your SSN and your Drivers license number, your bank routing number and account number– ODJFS should have more than enough info to identify you. And, if it’s going to be an “8 digit code” what’s the matter with the one they generate? Do all of us have a favorite 8 digit sequence?

With record numbers of people applying for unemployment, a simpler solution would cut down overhead costs and probably prevent so many expensive phone calls.

ODJFS is a farce in the first place, remember Tom Noe and their investment in “rare coins.” The way they calculate rates for small business is criminal (I’ve had one claim in 19 years, and they jacked my rates to 10% for 3 years!). If Ohio is wondering why they are out of money, it’s partially their own fault.

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