Dayton Daily News asks “Why does DPS need PR advice? “

I’m now the über blogger of Dayton. Scott Elliot, who is now on the editorial board, but used to be on the schools beat– asks if DPS needs PR help on his blog:

Dayton uber-blogger David Esrati has been railing lately about Dayton Public Schools decision to hire Burges & Burges to help with public relations at a cost of $108,000 over the next 18 months. Esrati runs his own PR outfit and thinks local companies should have had an opportunity to bid for the work that this Cleveland-area firm won (state law did not require competitive bidding for this work).

via Why does DPS need PR advice? | Get on the Bus | Observations on schools, kids, teachers, teaching and education by Scott Elliott, Dayton Daily News.

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Thanks to reader Rick for the tip– and thanks to Scott for mentioning my blog. You can ignore the fact that I scooped the paper by 5 days.

I guess that free spaghetti story was really, REALLY important.

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