Issues on the May 5th 2009 ballot in Montgomery County Ohio

Subdivision Name    Issue #    Issue Type    Issue Description    Millage    Length
City of Miamisburg    1    Replacement    Fire and Emergency Medical    3.0    CPT
City of West Carrollton    2    Renewal    Income Taxes    .25 % Income    CPT
City of West Carrollton    3    Utility    Gas Aggregation
Village of New Lebanon    4    Additional    Streets, Roads, and Bridges    2.5    3 yrs
German Township    5    Additional    Fire and Emergency Medical    2.0    CPT
German Township    6    Replacement    Cemetery    0.5    5 yrs
Jefferson Township    7    Replacement & Increase    Current Expenses    2.7    5 yrs
Perry Township    8    Renewal    Fire & E.M.S.    2.5    5 yrs
Brookville Local Schools    9    Renewal    Permanment Improvements    0.8    5 yrs
Brookville Local Schools    10    Renewal    Emergency Operating Expenses    0.27    5 yrs
Centerville City Schools    11    Additional    Current Expenses    5.9    CPT
Kettering City Schools    12    Renewal    Current Expenses    6.9    5 yrs
Northmont City School District    13    Renewal    Current Operating Expenses    5.0    CPT
Springboro Community City School District    14    Additional    Current Expenses    5.99    5 yrs
Tir-County North Local School District    15    Additional    Emergency Requirements    2.8    10 yrs
Jackson Township Southern Fire District    16    Replacement    Fire    2.5    5 yrs

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