Donald Allen Domineck Jr.

Getting on a ballot is the first challenge, then the real one appears

I’ve had my petitions rejected twice, once for being 3 signatures shy of 500 (and trust me- I had extras). So, how can the Montgomery County Board of Elections split on a failure to sign a petition? Only down party lines. Since I don’t run with a party- I was doomed. My last submission, 16 Read More

Dayton School Board filings- not yet certified

Today was the deadline to file your 300 signatures to run for Dayton School board: Three seats are supposed to open according to the Dayton Public Schools site: however, I”m pretty sure that Stacy Thompson wouldn’t be putting herself through this if her term really expired in 2011. It looks like we have two Read More

There will be a primary if all signatures clear.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections received a whole bunch of petitions today. Now, the wait comes for them to check to see who has 500 valid signatures and who doesn’t. Their findings will be presented to the Board on Tuesday for approval. Here is the list of candidates: Italics signifies incumbents Mayor    Larry E. Read More