David Esrati to turn in 642 signatures for Dayton City Commission race

Thanks to some dedicated volunteers, I feel comfortable turning in 642 signatures to meet the 500-signature requirement for the Dayton City Commission race.

I get my signatures by taking a list of registered voters and going door-to-door. It’s a time-consuming process- because it typically takes at least 5 doors to find 1 with someone home.

Considering I collected over 500 myself, that means that I’ve knocked on at least 2,500 doors.

The petitions are notarized and ready to submit, along with the filing fee.

Once approved, I’ll open the online donation page, but, if you’d like to send a check, which won’t be deposited until my name is approved on the ballot, please mail it to:

Elect Esrati
100 Bonner Street
Dayton OH 45410

Thank you.

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