The Klan, The Tornadoes and the Chain of Command

The city spent $650K to make sure the KKK rally was safe. Everybody had a plan.

Tornadoes rip through the city. Everybody wants to help- no one had a plan.

I’ve been kinda quiet. I’m not the HMFIC. Look it up. I’ve run for office more times than anyone who’s been elected in Dayton. I’m running again. I tried to go talk to the Dayton City Commission Wednesday night. They had 3 people who got their forms in on time- I would have been the fourth, but the veteran I am Power of Attorney for- needed my help- he was suicidal and I was at the VA dealing with that. What I had to say was important enough that I texted Darryl Fairchild 20 minutes before- saying- “please put me on the agenda” I’m going to be late. He failed. He might have tried to say something- but he’s too polite to interrupt the mayor (intentionally lower case). I am not. I got hauled out of the meeting politely by Dayton’s finest. There’s a video.

I’ll still say more next Wednesday than what I’m going to say here, but, this is important. You need to pay attention. You need to know that the people you’ve elected don’t have a bone of leadership in their bodies. They are terrified of people with confidence and training to get their jobs done for them.

Quoting Steve Jobs: “A” people hire “A” people. “B” people hire “C” people.

He never went on to explain what happens when you elevate “C” or even “D” people to power. The answer is Dayton. This is a clusterduck of what happens when a few “D” people get in charge. They surround themselves with sycophants. I don’t usually add definitions to what I write- because I assume that people that read this site are all smart, bright, intelligent folks who read above a 12th grade reading standard- except that this is Dayton- and Dayton Public Schools hasn’t been really good at turning out people with a 12th grade education for decades, so here it goes- and I’ve included a few:


    • Someone praising people in authority in a way that is not sincere, usually in order to get some advantage from them.
    • A self-seeking, servile flatterer; fawning parasite. … groupie, lackey, adulator, politician, puppet, minion, slave, parasite, fan, flatterer, flunky, hanger-on, doormat, backscratcher, bootlicker, groveler, handshaker.
    • A person who acts obsequiously toward someone important in order to gain advantage. (what good is a definition that adds “obsequiously” to it- even though I get it…)

This group “leading” this city, county, region, does everything they can to suggest they are all “working together to build consensus” – that everything is better by committee, and by golly, we form committees and non-profits like termites build their homes. Unfortunately, in the process they destroy ours. This is the “culture of corruption” that’s devalued your homes, your schools, your public infrastructure. They’ve been working so hard at keeping themselves in power for so long, that all they know how to do is keep control of their minions. It’s why the political party central committees are stacked with sycophants (there’s that word again) mostly, who’ve had their allegiances bought by a paycheck from those in charge. That’s called a “patronage” job.

Now- back to leadership. I wasn’t a born leader. I’m not dashingly good looking, I didn’t have a family of means, I wasn’t brilliant at school, or even good at sports. I wasn’t popular at school and I didn’t have a clique I belonged to. I could be talking about Nan Whaley, but I’m talking about myself. But the one skill I had, was the ability to “cross-over”- to hang out with anyone and everyone- and not be a threat. That was in a high school with something like 33 National merit scholars and a 3 grade high school that was about the size of the entire Trotwood district. I knew, almost everyone. It’s why later, I sort of fell into organizing reunions (that plus my tech savvy).

But the thing that changed in between high school and now- was the Army. I am a firm believer in universal public service upon graduation from high school. To me, it’s a civics lesson. Something sorely missing from our school curriculum. The Army spent a lot of time and money teaching me leadership. And at 19- I wasn’t smart enough to really understand it all. None of us are. But, with almost 40 years of experience since- a few things have finally sunk in.

By contrast- Nan Whaley has never held a job outside of our sick ecosystem of sycophants. She’s surrounded herself with the worst kind of advisors- those that are scared of you. We’ve got an echo chamber in city hall- and quite frankly, in the heads of the folks on that commission.

It’s not working.

People are living on the streets of our city, painting signs on their property “You Loot, We Shoot” and she’s busy lifting her pinky drinking her political kool-aide at a fundraiser for a presidential candidate, she’s out taking photo ops with a senator and her cronies (see yesterdays post).

And to add insult to injury, the city is now talking about spending your tax dollars to hire private companies to come help with a natural disaster.

The tornadoes and storm knocked down about 1,400 trees, and large limbs and splintered trunks continued to block public right-of-ways and cause problems and headaches on private property.

City workers have been out with chainsaws, dump trucks, loaders, and bucket and crane vehicles to clear roadways and public spaces.

The city will help residents clean up after this extraordinary weather event, City Manager Shelley Dickstein said. Next week, the city plans to hire contractors to help remove debris and trees from private properties.

“No time in the history of Dayton have we had four tornadoes converge and ravage through the community,” Dickstein said.

Dayton’s public works department is working on a plan to provide cleanup assistance to the community.

Residents might be able to drag brush or limbs to the curb, but some very large trees were toppled that would be difficult to move, city officials said.

The city is finalizing arrangements for three contractors to help residents in the four impacted neighborhoods with large tree removal, said Tom Ritchie Jr., Dayton’s deputy director of public works.

Source: Dayton looks to help residents with cleanup – Dayton Daily News

Why are they hiring private contractors? PAY FUCKING ATTENTION!!!! Because, it’s yet another way to pay off their political debts and guarantee donations to their next campaign. None of them realize that they won’t be running for office from their 6×9 cells.

Remember, they already failed on having back up plans for generators for the wellfield and pumping stations. Remember- I wrote this? Unacceptable answers on Dayton water outages on Wednesday morning, once it became clear they were clueless.

“You declare a state of emergency, and you call in the National Guard who has generators, and you get the pump stations online inside of half a day. You have a contingency plan on how to do this. It’s not something you have to think about when disaster hits. This is what professionals do. This is what competent businesses do. This is what leaders do.”

Cleaning up debris, helping people secure their homes, remove belongings, distributing food is not a job for the private sector or non-profits. This is a job for the National Guard. You should have called them in on Tuesday morning- as soon as you assessed the damage.

People would have soldiers on their streets, providing access control, to make sure no one is looting. They’d have a tent in front of each home, to gather what they could save that might be exposed to the elements. They’d be getting help, boarding up or loading out. There would be WATER. Either because the public water system didn’t shut down, or because they brought in water buffaloes to make sure people have water. There would be portable sanitation stations so people aren’t stuck shitting in their back yards (sorry this is graphic- but, this is what you learn in the Army). Debris would be getting moved by able bodied young people who enlisted to server THEIR country- and they much prefer to do it here than in a sandbox for some ungrateful third world crazy folks.

The National Guard has all the equipment private contractors do- and we’re ALREADY PAYING FOR THEM, with OUR MONEY.

So why haven’t they been called again? It’s called the “culture of corruption” and it has infected the pea brained folks in charge. The only way they know how to operate is when their friends and family make money- oh, and they are in charge.

So, besides cordoning off the affected areas, (it’s called building a perimeter) setting up aide, food, and sanitary services, and then doing an orderly inventory of assets and threats, the well trained military commanders would be asking- where do we move these people? That’s where the “Leadership” around here should have been thinking. Obvious choices- Wright State and UD dorms and housing. Right now- they are largely unoccupied. Furnished, safe. I saw that WSU was offering (update: only to students, staff and faculty – #FAIL) – I’ve not seen anyone suggest UD. Part of the problem in this racist city- is that some of the folks affected are black. Suck it up UD – or face losing your tax exempt status. If you can’t house these folks for 2 months, stop calling yourself a Catholic institution.

Next up- there will be a need for suitable housing. It’s not like we don’t have a thousand vacant homes in Dayton. This is the city’s opportunity to move folks into neighborhoods worth saving. This is where you put incentives on bringing homes online fast. Considering they spent $650K to keep the Klan safe, and that there will be federal dollars available- consider a bounty for each home brought back online and ready for occupancy- in the next two months in the areas near the disaster so people can stay in their areas if they want. Rental or sale rate has to be similar to what it would have been BEFORE the tornado. Everything must pass code. That’s where the city should be quickly evaluating tax liens, title status, even using eminent domain, to bring things back online.

The nursing homes that have been damaged are another problem. Might want to consider stopping the demolition of Good Sam RIGHT NOW. And moving hundreds of residents into a facility that can serve them. Had the city not been paid off by Premier, this building would have been intact for 2 years after it’s closing- just like public school buildings have to be, to give someone else a chance to reuse it. For the record- since they didn’t pay property taxes for 100 years- that’s our license to control it.

I’m done with my armchair quarterback rant. I’ve got to flip my AirBnB at 10am today, then I’ll be out with tools, ladder, wheelbarrow, work gloves and my brand new replacement chainsaw, to help people in Old North Dayton clear debris, secure their homes and do what any good soldier was trained to do- serve our country. Not myself.

Thank you for reading. Consider joining me in helping our neighbors clear their ‘hoods today and tomorrow. Let’s hope our “leaders” read this roadmap and get a clue.



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