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Shameless self-promotion here. Since 2005, I’ve been supplying Dayton with the best forum on issues, insiders, politics and news on This site is read by the people who want to know what the Dayton Daily News is either too understaffed to cover, lacking in institutional knowledge to cover or connect the dots (since Cox refuses to negotiate a contract with the union- and can’t keep talented people here) or doesn’t have the balls to poke at the establishment (of which they think it’s their duty to support and be a part of- new head honcho Julia Wallace is a member of the Dayton Business Committee).

Then there is me. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told “you’ll never do work in this town” for writing what I write on this site. Luckily, there are some fine people in Dayton who still believe that having great advertising and supporting the voice of the people is good business.

The Next wave logoSince I own The Next Wave– Dayton’s best ad agency, it, by default, supports this site. Every time you see a post on this site, figure you just took an hour of my time away from my business or my family. Your comments are the only reward I get.

What we do at The Next Wave is still a mystery to many of you- since you are still not calling 937-228-4433 to set up a meeting to discuss how you can effectively grow your business, so I’m going to give you a list of services and even add examples of businesses around town that you may be familiar with.

I’ll start with the ones you all can use:

Business card design and printing. We can get you 500 4/c both sides, business cards printed on premium 16pt stock with AQ coating for under $15 We do this for all of our clients. Design is not included in the $15 price, but we’re still reasonable on that. We can also do plastic cards, silk cards, fold over cards- you name it. We have some info at

We also print sales sheets, menus, postcards, etc.- all at amazingly low prices. See the link for the printing.

We teach the seminar every month in Dayton. Next one is this Tuesday- and a few seats are still available . If you want to learn how to have a site like this- or one like The Next Wave, or maybe or you should come to the seminar. We teach you how the web works with insight into Google and organic SEO in the morning- and how to use WordPress as a CMS in the afternoon. CMS stands for Content Management System- and it makes it so easy to run a website you’ll be amazed. No geek or HTML required. We’ve been teaching people this (including our competition) since 2005.

Of course, we can also build websites, manage social media, host your site, help you implement a CRM (customer relationship management) tool and manage email campaigns as well.

If you have a business and only have a website- you are missing the second most used search tool on the web. Having video on the web is essential for success. We have a full time videographer on staff and can produce video on a dime. If you’ve read this site during campaign season, I’m sure you’ve seen what we were able to do to cover candidates’ nights and to make my campaign videos.

Most importantly, we help grow businesses. Everything from naming and branding to packaging and advertising. We do everything a business needs to efficiently get their message out. We use the most efficient modern tools to collaborate and spread your message to potential customers and to keep your existing ones.

When you look through our portfolio of work you’ll see many brands you are familiar with locally. We do everything we can to promote and help local Dayton businesses- including providing a directory of all the local advertising agencies so you can compare and shop intelligently. We want strong competition.

As you may notice, I don’t put advertising on this site- although I have the readership. If you want ads- go read which also is supported with money from UpDayton. I do on occasion post links to products that I like on and make a small commission when you click through to buy them or anything else from a link here.

Right now, my favorite product is a Breville Juicer (see link below). I’m 5 days into a 30 day juice fast and feeling great. You can buy one of these juicers and help support the site- and get healthy. If you’re wondering why I’m doing the liquid diet- you should watch this movie: Fat Sick and nearly Dead. You can watch it via Netflix streaming or for free online via the site. I’m inspired by the movie and my friend Pastor Jimmy Mann who has juiced for years. If you know him, you know you won’t find a more healthy, energetic, positive person.

If you really like this site and don’t have a business that uses our services, I’ve also got a link to my Amazon wish list in the sidebar. Feel free to send gifts :-)

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