The mighty vulture capitalists announce a tenant for UPS site

Possibly in response to the article I posted yesterday, IRG makes an announcement of a tenant.

The Emery/UPS facility at Dayton International Airport is over a million square feet. In their first big “success” we have IRG renting 15% of the space to a local firm, not involved in aviation, and getting tax breaks to move:

2 News has learned a metal tool company with a facility already in Miamisburg has plans to expand into the old Emery cargo hub at the Dayton International Airport.

A source within SB Specialty Metals LLC said the company plans to use at least 150,000 square feet of space to take and distribute metal tool steels.

According to its website, SB Specialty Metals LLC already has ten service centers located across North America.

2 News has learned negotiations are underway with Industrial Realty Group on a lease agreement.

via Old Emery site might have first tenant.

Moving a business from Miamisburg or expanding it from Miamisburg, into space that was ALREADY leased (UPS was in a lease until 2019) is not economic development.

In the meantime- the scrap value is being stolen from the taxpayers by the vulture capitalists at IRG.

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