Free Workshop for Veterans in business

Please help me spread the word- if you are a Veteran, know a Veteran, or are a friend of a friend of a Veteran- or are married to a Veteran, let them know about this. It’s totally free– and I’m teaching day 2- which will be my seminar. Contact Name:  Richard G. Portis Organization: Read More

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The best ad agency in Dayton Ohio supports

Shameless self-promotion here. Since 2005, I’ve been supplying Dayton with the best forum on issues, insiders, politics and news on This site is read by the people who want to know what the Dayton Daily News is either too understaffed to cover, lacking in institutional knowledge to cover or connect the dots (since Cox Read More

A point of light! Inspiring others to engage.

I got an e-mail the other day that reminded me why I maintain this site. Hello Sir, I wanted to thank you for the superb level of citizen journalism that you display on your blog.  I’ve been following for a few months now.  It has become my source of Dayton news and information that Read More

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