Thank you voters! David Esrati presumptive Democrat for Congress OH-10

I just realized it’s been a few days since the primary, and I’ve not posted a Thank you here. Thank you voters of Montgomery, Greene and Clark counties.

Here’s what I have been doing- reaching out to donors to start the war chest. Because I’m in advertising and fully understand the targeting technology of data driven ad buying, I will be able to do a lot more with less. While Desiree Tims spent over $2M to lose by 14% points, I’ll need less than a million to make Mike Turner absolutely miserable- and viewed as the most deplorable excuse for a congressman.

We’ve now got things set up for a daily livestream at 4pm M-F ( I’ll be off air next Monday). If you want to see these as they happen- and we hope to actually make them interactive as time goes on, please subscribe and hit the notify bell on my Youtube Channel:

We’ve set up the volunteer section on the site: If you want to help, or have a yard sign in the fall, please register there.

We’ve got our first commercial ready to go, directly aimed at Mike Turner. If you want to see it before anyone else does- and hear the innovative way we’re going to push it out, consider making a donation asap: The email will be going out this afternoon.

I’m a little miffed that no one from the Ohio Democratic Party, the Democratic National Convention, the House Dems have contacted me. Maybe they are waiting for the results to be certified? The statistical chance of the results changing are slim and none. The big delay was caused because the Governor, Auditor, Secretary of State, and the two other Republicans on the Redistricting Commission (they pulled the house and senate leaders the other day so they won’t risk those two going to jail for contempt of court) ignored Ohio voters requirements for statistically fair election maps.

The unofficial final results:

David Esrati Baxter Stapleton Jeff Hardenbrook Kirk Benjamin
Montgomery 7522 6080 6176 4110
Greene 1803 1432 1432 867
Clark 940 854 838 696
10265 8366 8446 5673

It’s highly unlikely that anyone is going to get 1500+ votes from overseas or provisional votes.

The voter turnout was pathetic for the Democratic party. The amount of money spent on the Senate seat abdicated by Rob Portman was obscene- over $80M

I’m sure voters are sick of seeing ads on TV, online, everywhere- of one Trumper falling over the other Trumpers to try to out Trump the Trumpster. I’m pretty sure that come election time, there will be enough people who are terrified of 4 more years of the likes of Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, Andy Biggs, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Paul Gosar, Mo Brooks, Ted Cruz and my absolute favorite moron, Madison Cawthorn running our country. We may not be able to un-elect them in OH10- but we can un-elect Mike Turner who votes with them.

The recently leaked Supreme Court draft opinion on abortion may also motivate a lot of people to vote the radical right wing republicans out. But, the Dem party has its own problems including a Federal Reserve that can’t seem to separate financial manipulation of markets by the wealthy from the impact it has on the rest of us. Hiking interest rates at the same time gas, food, and everything else is up is criminal. If you want to slow things down- why don’t you try a transaction tax on stock trades. Anything held less than a year isn’t an investment, and will be taxed at a ridiculous rate to start forcing the markets to stop being a casino and start acting like a true capital market.

There was also a pre-trial conference that I had to attend on Wednesday that took up a bunch of my time. For those of you who may be new here, I’m suing the Board of Elections for violating the ideals of the Ohio Sunshine laws. Because these laws were written and enacted by semi-literate lawyers and politicians. The instructions are vague and confusing- which is why this is the only set of laws that comes with mandatory training for all public officials and a 250 page handbook to help citizens enforce the laws.

I was in front of a visiting judge finally- as requested, and facing the same liar I faced in the Library case. The judge didn’t take too kindly to me calling Nathanial Peterson a liar, except, well, the truth is actually a defense in a court of law. You can watch the 35 minutes of bombast from the non-lawyer (me) making sure that all of my claims are on the record before we get to their attempt to dismiss it on some sort of twist of law.

Next up, write a response to Peterson’s drivel about me failing to “state a case.”

Trust me, this will get interesting. Also interesting and not yet written about is the recusal of Federal Judge Michael Newman from my FOIA case requesting the tapes of now Gubernatorial standard bearer for the Dems, Nan Whaley. I know there were tapes of Nan presented to the “culture of corruption” grand jury, and that the feds don’t have a legal excuse to hide them. We’ll see what’s next soon. I’ll do a full post when time permits.

If you’re wondering why I should be your congressman instead of Mike Turner, I’ll tell you this: I will fight for the rights of the citizens to have open, honest, transparent government to the death. Mike Turner will work for whomever pays to get him reelected.

Until next time- please tune in to the livestream at 4pm.






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