A daily livestream from a congressman?

My opponent in the OH10 congressional race is legendary for never meeting with his constituents. No town halls, no meet and greets, and basically, unless you’ve donated to him (average donation- about $1,130) you can forget about getting a face to face with Mike Turner.

This is the absolute opposite of the “open, honest, transparent government” I believe in. Rhine McLin once told me, she wasn’t a politician, but an elected representative- and as such, she was your voice. I liked that. So, 2 weeks ago, I began experimenting with doing a daily livestream on my Youtube channel about my thoughts each day. The idea was to get in the habit of talking about what I did each day in my pursuit of being your representative- and to be ready to continue to do it- once I’m elected.

I googled for a congressman doing a daily livestream- and all I come up with is CSpan. If anyone knows of an elected politician that reports daily on what they did- please let me know.

As we’re getting the tech side down and running smoothly, we plan on also adding the ability to take questions live- and respond in real time. For right now, we ask for questions in the comments and I’ll respond the next livestream. Haven’t quite figured out how to set up the monitor channel yet.

Imagine a Congressman reporting back on what they talked about each day- a day in the life so to speak. How will this make congress more accessible to students? To voters? To political junkies? Connecting the people with the people in power has always been my goal. So far the live viewers haven’t really gone over 3 or 4, but the views after are picking up.

What I really need is to get the number of subscribers to go over 1000- so I can start accessing additional features in Youtube. For now, I’m at 780. Also- in addition to subscribing- make sure you check the notification bell- so you can be notified right when the livestream comes on.

Today’s show wasn’t live or the normal 5-8 minutes. It was recorded at 11am- and set to premier at 4. It’s about my experience with mental illness care in this country- and the toll it takes on our community and the costs we carry- both monetary and social. It costs money to lock people up in prison- considerably more than it does to treat their mental illness. It costs money to clean up the damage the mentally ill do (this afternoon I was changing the locks and securing the home of the brother of the veteran I already serve as POA for. His brothers home had been foreclosed on while he was in jail for grand theft auto.).

If you look at drug addiction as a mental illness, suicide as a mental illness, poverty as a result of a mental illness, petty crime as part of a mental illness- you start to understand the cost and burden we pay for in many other ways.

While Mike Turner likes to say “He works for the base” and “To keep us safe from foreign threats” he has totally ignored the threats closest to home and that affect most of us more than Russian fighter planes or Chinese submarines. There are lots of threats right here at home. Lead pipes and PFAS poisoning our water systems, gun violence- are you aware that the number two cause of death of American Teens is homicide?

The leading causes of death for the teenage population remained constant throughout the period1999–2006: Accidents (unintentional injuries) (48 percent of deaths), homicide (13 percent),suicide (11 percent), cancer (6 percent), and heart disease (3 percent). Motor vehicle accidents accounted for almost three quarters (73 percent) of all deaths from unintentional injury

Source: NCHS Data Brief, Number 37, May 2010 – db37.pdf

I came into this world just as the last of the kids who practiced in school for what to do in case of a nuclear attack. Now, our kids have to practice to respond to school shooters.

We owe American’s a safer country inside our borders, than worries about protecting Ukraine’s borders- or the trillions we spent in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Hopefully, my daily livestream can help voters decide which candidate will really work for them- instead of for their donors.

As a reminder- Turner will spend millions to keep himself in office. I can run for a lot less, but I need your support. Please consider making a small donation to my campaign: www.electesrati.com/donate

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