What Esrati does for a real job

In case any of my readers didn’t know- I own an ad agency- The Next Wave.

We help companies create buzz- reposition- build their visibility, without spending huge budgets on media that may or may not reach your customers.

We help implement web strategies- from websites that work, to social media that’s not a waste of time- and help you use tools like Customer Relationship Management to increase productivity and sales.

If you would like to spend an entire day engulfed in the world of marketing on the web- even if your company doesn’t really understand it – we’ve got a great seminar tomorrow, Wed April 13th- with two open seats at the last minute.

The Seminar is called Websitetology– and the link to the description doesn’t do it justice.

We typically charge $139 for the day- but, if you are reading this, and can make it: you can come for $99 just follow this link: http://www.websitetology.com/?page_id=625&shopp_pid=3

We’ve been giving this seminar for 5 years- helping companies extend their reach well beyond their grasp.

You’ll even get a chance to look at the stats behind this site- and see how I connect with over 30K people per month.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow :-)


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