Voting technology

Special rules for a special primary- still make no sense

I’m a big believer in vote by mail. Oregon has done it for years. And now, as a “cost saving” measure the OH-3 special primary for the Democrats’ nomination for Congress is going to be held in 3 of our 4 gerrymandered counties as a vote-by-mail clusterduck. Unless they vote absentee by mail, most Montgomery Read More

Ohio already has an optical scan network in place… you just won’t believe where.

So, the Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner wants to put an optical scan system into place for the November election: Will Ohio overhaul its voting systems? For the Nov. 4 presidential election, Brunner wants to scrap $81.7 million in electronic touch-screen voting machines and spend $31 million for a new system that uses paper ballots Read More